Update from Doctor's Visit Today

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Update from Doctor's Visit Today

Post by luke082988 » Mon May 13, 2013 3:10 pm

Hey all. Well, I went to my Primary Care Doctor today. I did get switched from Topamax to Zoloft for depression. He said he didn't know also what is causing my muscles to be tight all the time, and didn't know about why my speech is slow and slurred. He said that the slump in my back was from just poor posture (which I've had all my life) because MS doesn't deal directly with the bones.

So it's really all a waiting game, don't know if I'll get better or worse, time will tell I suppose. All that I have to look forward to is the MRI in July. But even if they do find more lesions or the lesion I have becomes enlarged, what will be done then?

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Re: Update from Doctor's Visit Today

Post by bartman » Mon May 13, 2013 3:29 pm

treat your symptoms as if it were Lyme Disease + coinfections Bartonella, Babesia and Cpn and you have a chance to get better. Just because you have lesions it does not mean they could not be caused by infections. My cousin 12 years misdiagnosed with MS, the last 4 years treating the above and has greatly improved. Research and educate yourself about this controversy. MS doctors will definitely not even mention the above and completely dismiss the possibility despite knowing the blood tests missing over 60%..It is Lyme Disease awareness month, become aware. MS treatment will suppress your immune system and let an infection wreck havoc on your body.

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Re: Update from Doctor's Visit Today

Post by jimmylegs » Mon May 13, 2013 4:04 pm

you could try asking for a serum magnesium test. the fatigue, depression and muscular tightness, along with the ms diagnosis all point to poor magnesium status (among other things).
if you do manage to get a test, make sure you get your own copy of the results and bring them here. magnesium is one of those things for which the result 'normal' is meaningless. if the results are indeed low and you are able to make the right changes re food intakes and possibly supplements, you could see a big difference.

take control of your own health.
pursue optimal self care, with or without a diagnosis.

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