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HSCT (non-myelo) for progressive MS patients?

Posted: Sun May 10, 2015 7:31 am
by dc10
What are peoples thoughts on this treatment for progressive forms of MS?

It doesn't look like a nice thing to go through but unlike MS drugs you only have one procedure and your done,

although ive read it doesnt work for everyone as saw a 80% success rate

but who know if that 80% will still be progression free in 10 years time

What do others think about this treatment for progressive ms?

Relapsing MS does best reversing disability but progressive ms-ers only see slight improvements, if any but stopping progression still is great

I dont want to have to spend a life time taking drugs for my bladder and walking if this one time treatment can permanently fix me

But will this end up being, for progressives, the new CCSVI, just a temporary fix
but even worse as we could develop serious illnesses following hsct like cancer!!!