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Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 5:08 pm
by Vivianne766
So it seems like "finally" there are quiet a few clinical trials using stem cells for MS in some countries and also in US.
This should have happened years ago. Dr. Sadiq in NY has had good results. The studies are limited to EDSS < 6.5 except for one study at TISCH center. How can we push the government or the medical system to support more studies?
Any one has any ideas? Perhaps investors can save the day by seeing the opportunity of making some money tapping into the Stem Cell market. If it results in people suffering from MS hell see some improvements in their health and quality of life; why not! Seriously, I find it very hard to believe it's 2019 and we are in United States and things are going so slow despite of good results in the studies in phase I.