2014 case rpt:Optic Neuropathy, Demyelination in Hyperemesis

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2014 case rpt:Optic Neuropathy, Demyelination in Hyperemesis

Post by jimmylegs » 5 months ago


Simultaneous Optic Neuropathy and Osmotic Demyelinating Syndrome in Hyperemesis Gravidarum (2014)

pastable portion of first paragraph:
"A 16-year-old African American girl at the 20th week of pregnancy presented with blurry vision. She had been having nausea and vomiting requiring home intravenous ondansetron. She could tolerate only liquids and had lost 30 pounds (approximately 25% of body weight) over the course of pregnancy. On the day of admission, she woke up with painless binocular blurry vision. She denied diplopia, limb weakness, dysarthria, numbness, headaches, and confusion. She went to other hospital where brain computed tomography showed symmetric hypodensity in the pons."

click through to view rest of abstract. main takeaway items for me were the low and normal serum thiamine levels comparison (magnesium and potassium levels were also low)
take control of your own health
pursue optimal self care at least as actively as a diagnosis
ask for referrals to preventive health care specialists eg dietitians
don't let suboptimal self care muddy any underlying diagnostic picture!

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