1997 abstract: low mag in ms; myelin link?

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1997 abstract: low mag in ms; myelin link?

Post by jimmylegs » Fri Jan 18, 2019 11:35 am

Relationship between magnesium and protein concentrations in plasma of multiple sclerosis patients - 1997
https://journals-scholarsportal-info.pr ... ipomsp.xml

We determined concentrations of total protein, total and ionised magnesium in plasma from 30 patients with definite MS (II3 women and 12 men) aged 28 to 56 years. The results were compared with ones obtained in 30 healthy subjects (16 women and 14 men) aged 19 to 64 years.

The patients were divided into three clinical disease stages according to Disability Status Scale (DSS) by Kurtzke: 8 patients were in mild (I-3) 7 in moderate (4-5) and 15 in severe (&9) neurological disability state. The protein was determined by Lowry method, total magnesium by the BIOTROL Mg Calmagite method and ionised magnesium by magnesium ion-selective
electrode (AVL 988-4).

The results of protein levels obtained in MS patients showed no changes as compared with the control group. The average Mg and Mg2+ contents in plasma of patients with in moderate neurological disability state showed the significantly lower value (p < 0.05) than that seen in plasma of healthy subjects.

The results obtained seem to play some role in the demyelinating process but further studies on MS pathogenesis from the points of view of magnesium and calcium metabolism and the presence of changes in membrane of cells seem to be necessary.
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