Gummie supplements

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Gummie supplements

Post by NHE »

Gummie supplements and sugar

I’ve noticed many commercials lately for gummie vitamins and supplements. The problem with these are that they contain a large amount of sugar which adds up over time. This can be problematic as excess sugar plays a direct contributory role in many chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. One supplement brand that prominently features gummie supplements is even named Smarty Pants. Here I present the hypothesis that gummie supplements may not be such a smart idea.

Let’s consider the case where one takes just 3 of their daily supplements as gummies.

• Qunol Turmeric: 5g sugar

• SmartyPants Organics Men's Formula - Vegetarian Gummies: 7g sugar ... ns-formula

• Nordic Naturals CoQ10 Gummies Strawberry - 100 mg: 2g sugar

Taking just these 3 gummies supplements every day adds 14g of sugar to your daily diet. Since there are 4 g of sugar per teaspoon, that’s 3.5 teaspoons of sugar per day. That might not sound like much, but that’s an extra 11.3 lbs of sugar per year! This is 26.6 cups of sugar. From your supplements! You might as well be eating bags of candy.
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Re: Gummie supplements

Post by Zyklon »

14 grams of pure inflammation in a cute bear form...
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Re: Gummie supplements

Post by tt1 »

Label on iherb says "Amount per 4 gummy serving" = 7g ( => 1.75g of sugar / gummy ) ... 2/l/40.jpg
( ... mies/85501 )

I dislike that they try to fit in everything flax seed/fish oil + metals, iodine, sugar... get along, mixed, sitting together for months.
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Re: Gummie supplements

Post by ElliotB »

Tinctures at a better choice, sugar free and more affordable.
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