Simple strategy: Doxycycline for 2-3 weeks, then "pulsing"

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Re: Simple strategy: Doxycycline for 2-3 weeks, then "pulsin

Post by SarahLonglands » Sat Nov 28, 2015 7:54 am

Chenman, interest in the CAP treatment is nearly as low as interest in minocycline, and not just because I have encouraged people to move over to use the site formed specifically for people suffering from a chlamydia pneumoniae infection, but since Luanne Metz' trial has now been published why don't you post it on the minocycline thread at the top of this forum? I will add that several Americans tried minocycline a few years ago but eventually relapsed. I will try to remember at least one of their names for you. I have sent a link to David to read, but I know that he wrote to Metz in about 2008 and never received a reply.

I agree with you about the current lack of interest about the (possible) link with bacteria and CNS diseases. In the nineteenth century it was thought to be very possible, but that was way before we had antibiotics. By the nineteen sixties the auto-immune theory had taken over, probably because a microbiological cause could not be found and now all active neurologists will have been taught about MS using that theory. Hence David was advised to find a nursing home for me, my neurologist having studied at UCL, starting the year before I finished there: He obviously never crossed over Gower Street to see our final exhibition!

I do know about Steiner's life and his work in the US, but unfortunately he died before chlamydia pneumonia was even recognised as a pathogen.

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