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Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2005 2:35 pm
by Daunted
I'm pretty surprised that at this point, we STILL don't have any idea why the Aimspro trial was canceled (well, we don't know what 'protocol violations' means, yet, anyway).

I'm just really surprised that nothing has leaked out...not even a good rumor!


Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2005 3:19 pm
by fryerbj

Well all it was great to see the results of the trial at Oxford on ITV news also in the national press.

But come on Daval it must be time to let everyone know what happened at ST Georges Tooting,

1. What went wrong?.

2. Will the Trial carry on somewhere else?.

3. Does the trial have to start from scatch?.

Just a well done to the directors of Aimspro for the latest information , Just keep it coming