Brainstorming MS

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Brainstorming MS

Post by ljelome » Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:41 pm

Hello everyone, member of this forum. Thank you for the opportunity given to me so i’m still here in this forum. Do you know that TIMS forum is very rich of informations, rich of experiences, rich of knowledges from every member regarding MS? Yes, of course you all know it.

I’m just a newbie here, i don’t have the power and knowledge to answer all my questions about MS alone.

When i used to go to college, i had this one subject called “Analytical Chemistry”. My teacher would divided my class into groups of four, then she would gave a problem in a piece of paper to all the groups, so we as a team could solved it together. In every team, there’s a team leader who known to be the best student so she/he could led the discussion. What did we do as a team to solve the problem?

Firstly, we did what it’s called brainstorming, we identify all the facts about the problem and then we brainstorm all the possible cause of the problem. Our teacher always pushed us to think out side the box and in the brainstorming phase we had to accept and be open to other’s opinions or ideas.

Secondly, the analytical phase, we began to analyze the possible cause we identify in the brainstorming phase using all the data, information and literature that we had. We tried to see the relationship or connection between the cause and the problem, is it plausible?

Thirdly, we concluded the most possible cause of the problem and offered the best solution.

Whenever we faced a dead end or didn’t know where to begin to solve the problem, we could always asked our teacher and then she would gave us a hint.

What i see about MS and this forum is very similar to my story above. “Our teacher” has given us a problem “MS” in our lives, so we could solve it together in this forum. If everyone in this forum would work together and using everyone’s knowledge and experience, then maybe this forum could contribute something significant to the MS society. The answer to the MS questions, what is MS? What causing it? And how to cure it?

Thank you for your attention and consideration.
Warm regards,

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