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Are we allowed to give away medication?

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:56 am
by littlestbabie
I have one full unopened bottle of a month's supply of Tecfidera as well as an additional bottle that probably has about a week and a half's worth of Tec doses left. I am no longer going to be taking this medication because I'm forgetful af and I never take it; obviously since I haven't been taking it, it hasn't been doing me any good. I would feel awful if there are people out there who are having to pay for this medication out of pocket, either fully or partially, and I just handed it over to the prescription medication disposal box at my local police department. Especially now that we are reaching a polarizing point in America where lots of people with MS are most likely going to be losing their medication coverage. I do not want any money for these meds, I just want them to go to someone who needs them and will use them properly to combat this disease.

Please let me know if this sort of hand-off or coordination is allowed, and if so how to go about it once a recipient with a Tec prescription requests the free meds. (I know it's illegal to mail prescription meds through USPS). If you have a Tecfidera prescription and live within the United States and would like this medication, please private message me.