new WalkAide System (Patient Kit) FOR SALE. Chicago, IL

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new WalkAide System (Patient Kit) FOR SALE. Chicago, IL

Post by bworkman » Thu Aug 31, 2017 5:15 am

Hello everybody,

I have a brand new walk-aide system for anyone that's interested for sale. I was going to post it on ebay but as most of you have already figured out, the for sale posts get taken down pretty quick. Due to that, I figure'd what better place to start looking for someone who may immensely benefit from such an amazing product. We had originally purchased this for my Grandfather to help his deteriorating condition and If my memory serves me correctly, I believe i heard my grandmother say that they had to cough up around $4,000 - $5,000 for it at the time of purchase. It might even still be unregistered if that specific detail matters to anyone, I do however need to verify that one small detail with my grandma & don't want to make that promise to you guys just yet. I'm really hoping there is an individual on this board whose life this can immensely benefit and change, whenever I'd hear my grandpa talk about resources or things he had learned along the way with his condition he mentioned this site a couple different times so here I am :) I'm open to best offer's depending on how many people there might be interested.

Its in perfect working order & the item is in immaculate shape, no scratches or gouges, and was only used a total of one time to verify working order before my grandfather was permanently sentenced to a wheelchair. Not only was that a nightmare enough for both himself & our family, he sadly passed away 4 months ago... as of September. I'm located in Chicago for anyone that wanted to seek a local sale or wanted to meet in person and check it out. *** I'm also listing this as a new item in the subject of this thread due to the fact it was only used 1 time to verify working order. I saw that as fit since there aren't thousands of hours on the unit and considering the immaculate cosmetics. I believe we still have the Mfg's box as well. ***

If anybody is interested at all please email me at or send a text to (8-1-5)-six-zero-three-six-zero-nine-zero and we can go from there. Obviously, as expected, I can provide pictures at any time or work with anybody's custom request that wanted reassurance. I'll also note as an FYI.....that anyone who is indeed interested, and reaches that point of finalizing a sale with me can happen 1 of 2 ways.

* Method #1 would be a local sale anywhere around Chicago, IL or surrounding suburbs (My preferred due to knowing the immediate satisfaction is met to both parties. As this is the internet, I'm well aware the chance at achieving a local sale would be quite slim, therefore method #2 will probably be the most popular way.

* Method #2 would be completing/finalizing the sale by handling it through PAYPAL, this way there is an 100% guarentee of provided assurance, insurance, and both a comfortable & secure experience for both parties involved :) To those of you who are unfamiliar with paypal, it's 100% secure and has a resolution center which insures your money back on claims as a buyer due to any altercations or receiving the product in any shape or form other than your expecting :)

WalkAide Patient Kit part # 20-1000 ::::

* Control unit
* Patient manual
* Electrode lead cable
* Battery
Bonus : I believe we also have a type of cuff for it so I look further into that when I visit her next. Local sales can be handled as early as tomorrow if someone is in an emergency situation or in dire need of acquiring a.s.a.p

Thanks everyone and look forward to hearing from any of you whom might be interested. It'd be a shame to let this type of item sit in the closet when it can be helping change somebody's daily livelihood.

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