L300 GO lightly used in great condition Left lower cuff

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L300 GO lightly used in great condition Left lower cuff

Post by nuerologicaldeficit » Wed Dec 26, 2018 6:11 pm

I have a lightly used Bioness L300 GO(new version) Left lower cuff for sale. I got it in May of this year(2018) for my foot drop from a neurological injury. It comes complete with everything that it came with and original box. I am also including a little less than a years worth of electrode pads (26pcs). They say the pad is only good for two weeks but from experience it depends on how heavily you wear/use them. Since i wasn't using it that heavily i got 3-4 weeks out of each electrode pad. Retail price for just he L300GO is upward of $7000+ and each electrode is like $15 or 16 each. I am still paying off the financing loan i took to buy it so i would like to get around half of the original cost at least. My foot drop has gotten better from using the unit as it strengthened the muscles. But the real reason i am selling it is because even though i am disabled our lovely country stopped my SSDI benefits and i can't afford it anymore.
i would love for someone who would really benefit from this unit to receive it. Please make sure you have a prescription from your doctor to buy this unit and have it adjusted to your own individual settings. It has been programmed to my walking. So when you receive it you will have a working unit as opposed to a brand new one that does not work at all until it has been programmed.
Just be aware Bioness themselves are not the only people who can program the unit. I had mine adjusted and programmed by my physical therapist at the physical therapy center he works at. They use Bioness there as is so they have the capability to do that.

Please message me with any questions and concerns.

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