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I'm new maybe I might have MS?

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:51 am
by peanutsmom
hello everyone, I'm a senor women...nope I haven't really been told I had MS yet. I have a lot of the things going on that looks like MS besides several other types of dieases.
I had now up today 4 TIA's including one last night...I was in the hospital for 4 days up to last Monday. Where when I was let go the doctor gave me copies of the tests. When I got home I started to read them....mostly normal and some not so normal. But the one world on my CT enlighten (it's what I call it when they use Iodine) anyway It had this very large word microaniopathic ischemic disease in their final report. I could tell you they saw another large size Lacunar Infarot from a few years ago...they also I'm leaving out a lot sorry, but the low-density priventricular changes suspicious for: (that big word). I know backwards.
I can tell you all I saw a Neuro doctor last year when I was not as bad as this year...he did EMG and tons of MRI's on me. I never heard of Lime diseae until reading here.
He said I had serve sensory I wanted another opion...and earlier this year went to Barrows Neuro. Hospital, MDA clinic here in Phx, AZ. They did another EMG and most of it was normal but only would look at one leg, my left left, by the way I have drop foot on the left foot. When it came time for the Pins...They told me that I don't kick in the miscels. I had sorry i forgot what it was but it was a term for all muscel dieases. I do having memory lost a little lately. I 'm 64 as of June this year...thank you.
But I fall a lot...what is weird is I am all over the place with numbness, weakness, and my body doesn't follow right things for them LOL I think it's LOL. Anyway I am getting worse lately.
I had medicade up until earlier this year, and now since my medicade kick in I am on unitedhealth care plan...Lets see yes, I have a heart stent in LAD, I have COPD, and I have something else besides all these problems of walking right. I forgot again. But I am getting some in home help right now...for a while....I have life aleark the state gave it to me for falling down...I never know sometimes when I will fall...and I do sometimes with the pain. I have only one pine pill since I have to find a new Neuro doctor...beleive it the doctors don't always take your I don't have real help so I go to ER a lot....they saw me last night now I have to stay on blood thinners problably rest of my life...they couldn't tell me....I am trying so hard really. when my eyes don't see once in a while...or lately. When I can't walk one day then the next I can...when I just feel so down...well I know that I just now from the hospital am getting a Neuro doctor...yeah...maybe I will know what is really wrong with my body. sorry i might of forgotton all I go thru...but its a daily thing.
thank you for letting me write here...oh I have something going on with my hands at least one likes to move a husband hates it. thank you

Re: I'm new maybe I might have MS?

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 5:30 pm
by lyndacarol
Welcome to our community, peanutsmom. You will find people here who have gone through many tests and many months before they finally reached an MS diagnosis. I think a GP, internist, or family physician is the doctor to start with; he can do a thorough baseline examination and order the blood tests necessary to rule out some of the possibilities.

If someone is prescribing blood thinners for you, your blood is prone to clotting – insulin promotes blood clots. You might ask the physician to order a "fasting blood insulin test" to see if you have excess insulin in your blood.

We welcome you and your questions. We cannot offer a definite diagnosis; we can share our ideas and experiences. All the best to you.

Re: I'm new maybe I might have MS?

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:22 am
by peanutsmom
hello Family Elder nice of you to send me a message so here is a thank you for the information.
I will be seeing my PCP on monday, then I have apt with a Neuro doctor.
I don't know if I can get that what you said done right now....I got to go with what the doctors want for now...I think you understand. I will try to ask.
Unitl next message thank you again.

Re: I'm new maybe I might have MS?

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 9:43 pm
by peanutsmom
Hello again since writing first...I have had several new TAI's but didn't choose to go to the hospital did call 911 and came out of one of them while they were decided not to go.

OK I saw my pcp, he said he doesn't know what is wrong with me...he agree it would be good to have a name to what is wrong with me. he knows I am trying to get a neuro doctor. I am going to the one I saw in the recent hospital stay. This neuro told me that he knows of these two other Neuro doctors that cold help me. But it's like got to do the steps.

With another visit after writing to you in the ER...was told that I need this out patient test on my heart where they put something down my mouth and take pictuers of my heart back side. My pcp said probably see if my heart might be spitting tiny blood clots.

I don't know if that is what will happen or I have apt on Monday with the Nuro doctor...maybe he might want to do something different? I'll see.

I am getting worse...have moments without too much warning of not able to walk or just so tired...
headaches are so commen now. I have muscle spamus and cramps....also my eye hurts today....
I took my glasses off to see...that is funny...not haha but strange.

I have lots of little things...but I am taking my med's but I have a dizzy spell thinking it must be one of the new meds. I went to my pcp urgent side of their office but only aloud to bring up or be seen for one thing...kept being reminded that. I understand it suppose to be like they say urgent care...not appt. so I couldn't tell them about my dizziness if I wanted them to see somehing else

I still go in and out with my speech....I have been having swolling problems with eating bread, prizzles etc....and they can't see it on their regular tests...I keep telling them it's in my mouth...I choke. But they can't see it. It is so frustrating.

I am not sure what is wrong with me...I have had two EMG's one last year and one earlier this year.

I just know I keep praying and maybe I might find the right doctor with more answers and right med's.
my only hope.

thank you for letting me share