marble on mri

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marble on mri

Post by odettesmom » Sun Mar 26, 2006 6:43 am

seems we're all in hibernation for the winter. just wanted to check in on how everyone is doing.

had an mri w/contrast recently. number and location of white spots were unchanged... but a spot on the left side of my brain showed up. neuro said it's about the size of a marble, and definitely active disease. have been feeling worse for a while.

neuro leaving meds (statin, copaxone, cymbalta) the same. few if any new symptoms, like the strobe lights and losing place when reading, and definitely not in remission.

do check in and share how you've all been doing.


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Post by pinda » Sun Mar 26, 2006 12:20 pm

Hi Linda, from another Linda. Yes, there does not seem to be many posts for us in the Golden Years. I'm still not dx's and no big new problems. Slowly progressing with the same problems. Have had more problems with my arms, hands, legs not responding properly. Seem to get the message late to move and my brain sends another one so body moves back and forth to grab things or what ever I'm trying to do and I can miss. Have dropped things passed to me by my husband. We both laugh about it because it looks so funny. At first he asked if I could stop it. No I can't. I can watch but have no control to stop. My body has to finish the action. Anyways. Life is good and I'm able to do most things as long as I remember to rest. I don't of course and end up with 1 or 2 down days to recoupe. Trying to change that :) See Neuro for my 6 month check up in 2 weeks, maybe he can tell me more. Take care, Linda in Cloverdale.

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Prime Time Check In

Post by Shayk » Mon Mar 27, 2006 7:02 pm

Hi Lindas--

Linda--I'd been wondering myself how everyone was doing. I had my annual neuro appointment in February and think I passed the exam. :) My neuro only does MRIs if needed for treatment decisions and so far, fingers crossed, none have been needed. He thought I was doing better than last year and so do I but I really have no idea if I have more or fewer lesions. I told him I absolutely hated Avonex. He offered up Tysabri when it was available, although he would not necessarily recommend it. It was clear the decision to try Tysabri was mine, not his. I'm not game for Tysabri.

Pinda/Linda--I'm sympathetic about your body getting the message late to finish an action. When my gait was much worse one of my greatest fears was crossing the street in traffic. I always thought the drivers would bet I could get out of their way if need be. Not (at least at that time). It is a very weird feeling when you just can't do something. I hope you get some info at your upcoming neuro appmt. Do let us know what happens.

I agree, life is good. I tend to overdo it too and find it's really hard to pace myself. Sleep always helps. I'm also still exercising. Luckily the fitness center I go to is affiliated with an outpatient physical rehabilitation clinic, so the fitness staff tend to be well qualified and quickly design exercise routines according to my needs/requests. The latest request I made was for exercises to improve balance. I haven't really had balance problems yet but thought some prevention might be in order. Now they have me doing my bicep curls while I'm balancing myself on one leg, balancing on one foot on one of those inflated rubber saucers, and on and on.....Anyway, if there's a fitness center attached to a physical rehab facility in your area, I'd highly recommend it. I pay $25/mo. to go there as often as I want.

That's probably enough. I'm still doing estriol 8 mg. and 500 mg. of progesterone too, since I had none of that, plus supplements, plus diet (most of the time :wink: ).

Take care all--


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