Some statins may help SPMS? Some statins do not help RRMS?

Discussion of statins (Lipitor, Zocor, etc.) in the treatment of MS.
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Some statins may help SPMS? Some statins do not help RRMS?

Post by CarpeDiem2015 » Wed Dec 17, 2014 10:15 am


I thought to start this topic as I'm trying to understand statins and if they can help, and whether I should pursue this with my doctors. I'm new to this forum [SPMS/PPMS depending on the doctor/definition of a relapse]. After reading through several posts I'm confused. There are some aspects that appear to make this harder to understand.

(1) MS Type: RRMS, SPMS, PPMS, PRMS. It seems that the impact of statins may depend on the type of MS. However there is information on statins that is generic; e.g. "statins don't work for MS". Did the particular post / study mean all types? or specific ones? Without knowing the type it makes it harder to figure this out; hence below I try to look at statins and MS sub-types.

(2) Mouse Models and Clinical Trials: I mention this since when I read about statins and mouse models there is a mix of positive and negative news, and so that leaves me further confused. Also, what type(s) of MS is the mouse model? RRMS, SPMS, PPMS? I realize this is more complicated as many studies show a particular drug to do something in mice, and then whether it translates is another story.

SPMS:Then I came across a recent study published in March, 2014 on a Phase II Clinical Trial that showed statins are helpful for SPMS. ... -effect-ms
"People taking simvastatin showed on average a 43% reduction in brain atrophy compared to people on the placebo. We’ve also seen early indications of a true effect on disease progression."

PPMS is mentioned in the above SPMS study; however there has not been any clinical trials. In terms of upcoming statin and MS research there are other studying statins for the CNS (via PubMed); though it doesn't appear a Phase III trial will be happening any time soon. ... rtant.html

RRMS I found this: ... -in-adults
"Statins — Statins have immunomodulatory effects that may be beneficial in MS [158-160], but are also known to have proinflammatory effects [161]. Available clinical data regarding statins in the treatment of RRMS are not entirely consistent, but most of the studies showed no benefit [162].. Given these findings, off-label use of statins for MS treatment is not recommended." This article then goes on to state "The evidence regarding statins for progressive forms of MS is reviewed elsewhere. (See "Treatment of progressive multiple sclerosis in adults", section on 'Simvastatin'.)". Simvastatin is the statin used in the above SPMS clinical trial.

(3) What People Are Using: I have read through posts from this forum and others trying to understand if Simvastatin or another statin like Lipitor has helped. This also means reading more posts, and/or looking at profiles to understand the MS type though it takes some time. I'm still gathering info - so far have only read about a handful of experiences. Even for a site like PatientsLikeMe the information is not easy to get; though I am glad that there are forums and a site like PLM. Does anyone else try and compile info like this into a spreadsheet?

Lastly, if you are taking a statin (or have in the past) and have SPMS or PPMS could you please share how things have been going. Also, is there anything else out there to try and experiment with for SPMS/PPMS? I'm also trying to understand more about LDN and diets (some which seem RRMS-specific; and so I'm confused here as well). I'm also keeping an eye on new clinical trials like MS-SMART.


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