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Wheelchair question

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 6:32 am
by jackson233
Wasn't sure the best forum to post this in, but I was wondering if any members here use a Tilite chair? Since my MS has really only taken its toll on my legs I am opting for and exploring the world of light weight manual chairs. I am definitely not ready for a motorized device, but accept that there may be a day that I need one - in the meantime I want something that will allow me to get out and be active with my dog etc. and keep my upper body toned.

Any thoughts on their products, competitors, manual wheelchairs and MS in general? I always feel so self conscious when I wheel up to my truck (piece of crap rental chair, weights 60lbs) and get up with my cane and proceed to jam the chair in my back seat... people must think I am a fraud being able to get up from the chair!??

Thank you!

TiLite chairs

Posted: Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:11 pm
by Loca
I have a TiLite chair, an AeroX. At this point it is a backup for me and I have only really used it once. However, when I was shopping I compared it to an Invacare chair and preferred the Ti product. In the case of chairs, that is all that TiLite does. My chair is attractive, extremely light, well balanced and well made. The rep I worked with made a huge difference in getting exactly what I needed, but it meant I had to pay full price. Honestly, his expertise was worth it because there are so many little details to be considered in order to get a chair that fits you and how you want to use it. The chair is probably only about 22 pounds and would be lighter if I had a fixed front end instead of the swing away option.

As far as what others think, my philosophy is that if people are bothered then that is their problem. I've found that most people are helpful and kind. (Maybe because I am female, who knows?) I think it is more important for us to get out and be seen, even with our disabilities, rather than let ourselves be swept under the rug. Everyone has some kind of disability. Ours are just more noticeable. Get out there and do things and don't let anyone hold you back!

thanks Loca

Posted: Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:12 pm
by jackson233
Thank you for sharing your opinion regarding your Tilite and also for your encouraging kind words. Its weird, I too find some people go out of their way to be kind and helpful, while others stare at me like I have 2 heads. The oddest reaction I get seems to be from well to do men in their early forties (just slighty older than me)... they act almost afraid of interacting with me, like I'm contagious!? If only they knew that I was running many kilometers a week leading up to my last faithful attack... then they'd really have something to fear! :)

Posted: Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:22 pm
by Loca
Don't worry about those people. If they took a few minutes to get to know you they would benefit, but would they be worth knowing? I understand what you mean, but unfortunately we have to be able to shrug off a lot more things than we used to. Still, most people are so helpful that it is great. One woman told me (as she held open a bathroom door for me) that she felt it was a blessing to be able to help. Think about how many times you did a small thing for someone and how it made you feel. Just return the help where you can. Anyone who has been coping with a boat anchor of a wheelchair and drives a truck is a strong person!