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Buy OPXA Now

Posted: Sun May 20, 2012 5:57 am
by sushifishman
Walk, no run to your brokers on Monday and buy a little bit of Opexa. Trading in high $0.40

Here is why: Partnership is going to be announced. Here is why I know

-Changed Tovaxins name to Tcelna. Why do this when tovaxin has brand awareness and was identifiable to opexa.? Partner wants to start fresh. Tcelna Websites registered to opexa 16 days ago.
-hired 12 people in last 6-7 months and hiring 4 more
-recently announced no longer exploring phase iii with phase IIb trial, they are now preparing for phase iii too. Much cheaper to run trials concurrently
-spent $1 million in q1 on equipment, supplies and reagents
- monthly cash burn has doubled to $800k per month leaving just two more months of cash remaining. Who does this knowing where cash is going to come from? Not going to hire 16 people to fire them all in July
-fast track for spms. Only one drug available to treat spms and that has a black box label
-new trial is called abili-t. Websites were registered to opexa in march.
-hired a cro two months ago
-announced recently FDA has given go ahead for phase IIb and phase iii.

Buy buy buy