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Cheap, decent trekking poles to try

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:23 pm
by suchicken
I usually walk with one or two canes, or push a rollator. I really miss hiking, though, so I picked up some trekking poles. And I can -almost- hike again. Wish I’d tried them last year when I was walking better. I’m just a little too wobbly and foot-droppy to go far comfortably. It’s also harder on the wrist than a cane. Maybe it’ll improve if I keep at it. Anyway, noticed they were now half price, in case anybody wants to try them for cheap. Mine seem solid and sturdy. Foxelli aluminum trekking poles, $15, on Amazon.

Guess I’ll try forearm crutches next — the ActiveMSers guy hikes on Sidestix, but they are pricey.