Copaxone side effect??

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Re: Copaxone side effect??

Post by ElliotB » Sun Feb 25, 2018 3:32 am

I have been on Copaxone for almost 5 years with no side effects and only had one relapse 4 years ago. Why after 10 years do you want to change?

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Re: Copaxone side effect??

Post by NHE » Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:38 am

DaisySue wrote:I’d already read many times about the Lipoatrophy side effect, and then just read here about the massive tooth decay issue. I’m curious: are you on any MS drugs, or anything off-label, like Clemastine, LDN, etc.?
No, I don't take clemastine. Clemastine is an anticholinergic drug. As such, it inhibits the activity of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain and may lead to increased risk for memory loss and dementia. ... ml#p249998

Things I do take...

B12 as methylcobalamin
fish oil
magnesium threonate
magnesium glycinate/lysinate
D3 (2K IU)
biotin (low dose, 5 mg)

For years I mixed up 1 T turmeric with some unsweetened yogurt, olive oil and 1 T ground flax seed, but stopped. I need to restart again.

I also take either GABA or melatonin on occasion to help me sleep. If combined, though, they make me a little foggy the next day.

I tried nicotinamide riboside for about 6 months or so. It caused me chest pain so that was out.

I drank green tea for about 12 years. It depleted my folate which led to a B12 deficiency. Hello subacute combined degeneration! :twisted: Just try convincing an MS neurologist of that. Sometimes they're too full of themselves for their patients' well being.

I tried zinc, but it didn't work out with me.

Oh, I eat more veggies now than I ever have before. I can eat a large serving of steamed broccoli several times a week. I always feel better afterwards. I eat a lot of mixed veggie sautes over brown rice.

I also eat several pieces of fruit each day, e.g., oranges, granny smith apples, red grapes, strawberries, unripe green pears, kiwi, pineapple, etc. If I don't, I feel depleted.

I've also given up nearly all edible food-like substances with added sugar. I'm particularly sensitive to sugar now which has revealed just how bad it is.

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Re: Copaxone side effects; & Clemastine + Naltrexone.

Post by DaisySue » Sun Feb 25, 2018 3:06 pm

Hi all,
Thanks NHE, for sharing your protocol.

Re: Clemastine: My neuro mentioned that to me in November when I last saw him, and I discovered that anti-cholinergic effect right away. I experienced cognitive symptoms for first time ever when I relapsed July 2016, so it’s not even an option I’m considering. I just wanted to hear if you all raved about it, or not.

Interestingly, I do take an H-1 antihistamine for lymphocytic collagenous colitis. I have a cluster of well-documented and confirmed immune issues, like Hashimoto’s and Colitis. I was on Budesonide last year after my latest flare up, because I didn’t stop pooping for seven months. Thanks to the amazing humans on the Microscopic forum, I used Allegra/Fexofenadine to get off steroids, and it stopped the sh*****g. It is amazing. All this as a way of saying that Allegra is not on the list of high anti-cholinergic meds, so it’s been on my list to look up whether or not Fexofenadine works the same way as Clemastine and could be neuroprotective without stimulating breakdown of acetylcholine.

NHE, why only 5 mg. Biotin? Did you try the high high Biotin protocol?

Did you try LDN?

I’ve been on LDN for a decade (put on by the endocrinologist who treats my Hashimoto’s, at my request). I haven’t experienced any of the bad side effects some of you mention, and when I got a copy of my chart notes from recent neurology appt, I saw that my doc mused to himself that maybe I hadn’t had a relapse in a bunch of years because Naltrexone was possibly calming down my microglia.

Thanks for sharing your stories everyone.
Best, Kira.

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