Scar tissue forming THROUGH stent

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Post by Icechick » Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:09 pm

Hi CeCe,
I did talk to Dr. Saxon quite a bit about Dr. Sclafani. I have a close friend that was just retreated by Dr. Sclafani using the bigger balloon. Dr. Saxon said he does not think the biggest area of concern in my situation can sustain something more aggressive without vein rupture. He said he thinks if Sclafani saw the films he would agree. Dr. Saxon is supposed to see Sclafani this weekend at the conference and said he would try to discuss it with him.
He told me when he went in the second time there was some scar tissue and it appears the veins recoiled. He did try a cutting balloon in the area too. Dr. Saxon thinks I am likely having recoil. We have discussed the possiblity of my getting a drug coated stent when the FDA approves it, but I might need to get a round three before that happens. I am aware that stents can restenos and have other problems, so I would like to wait for the drug coated stent, but the whole idea of a stent at all really scares me.

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