Positive reaction from AVAAZ

A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.
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Positive reaction from AVAAZ

Post by Rici » Tue Jul 02, 2013 6:06 am

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do mnie
Hi Ryszard -

Multiple Sclerosis as an „invented diseease“ by Big Pharma – many billions dollars gains yearly! Stop this nonsense! is a few days old now. Hopefully you’ve already reached most of the people you know personally through email and social networks. Now it’s time to branch out a bit and get some exposure on other websites.

Blogs, websites, and even news journalists are always looking for interesting things to write about. Posting information on your petition can help you get more signatures and help enrich their sites.

For blogs and websites:
Are there websites or blogs you read often that are related to your topic in some way? Those are great places to start because other readers are probably also into the issue. Some sites will even let you create an account and post your own stories. Look for a phone number to call or an address to email to notify them about your petition and see whether they’d be willing to post it.

For news:
You can join the conversation about the news and even try to situate yourself AS the news. The comments thread in a related story is a great place to link your petition -- journalists often read comments to their own stories, as do their readers. Journalists are increasingly using twitter to keep up to the minute and find out about new stories, so it's common to message or tweet @ someone who you think would be interested in your issue.

See you in the headlines,
The Avaaz Community Petitions team

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Re: Positive reaction from AVAAZ

Post by 1eye » Tue Jul 02, 2013 1:18 pm

The URL for the Canadian Avaaz petition that I put up is http://avaaz.org/en/petition/Treatment_ ... _in_Canada. I mention that the procedure helps symptoms of MS. I am perfectly willing to change the petition, since the last signature was #1290 three weeks ago. I would change it to put quotation marks around the initials "MS".

There could even be a new petition that does not mention "MS". If anyone can point me to references that say that treatment of CCSVI syndrome relieves some symptoms which may be thought to be "MS", or that they may be mistakenly attributed to "MS", and are possibly, or partially relieved as the the direct result of the CCSVI procedure, I will refer to them in the petition for Canada as well. Our government is going along with "we must do the research before we treat CCSVI," because of the possibly mistaken notion that the treatment is for symptoms of "MS". Perhaps we should let people have their neurologists back, and let vascular doctors decide whether they have CCSVI, and whether it should be treated with angioplasty to attempt to correct it. Who cares if it is the cause of "MS" drug expense or not? We need this procedure done at home by our doctors, so people won't have to pay to go abroad.

I just read that if people with relapses increase Vit-D status above a minimum level, they can avoid many relapses (more than with "DMDs"?). Maybe that's all you need for "RRMS" but severity is higher in progressive "MS", and is related to severity of CCSVI. Perhaps these severe progressive symptoms are ones that the CCSVI procedure can help, even if only for a short time for some. Personally I think some deaths might be postponed. Waiting for that to be elucidated would probably mean mine would not be postponed, if the petition continues to be ignored.

We don't have anything else with a good track record for "MS" progression, therefore many people in Canada miss out on the current glut of so-called "DMDs", which do not help progressive "MS". At least they should be able to treat their CCSVI, symptomatic or not, without traveling and paying money to doctors in other countries with different standards of care than we have.

When do the Brad Wall results come out?

In Canada there is a very heavy burden of paperwork requiring skills not always available to, or possessed by, pw"MS", even if they rely on private insurance. That means insurance companies can refuse to pay, if the paperwork is not done in time. The time allowed for this is much shorter than the time allowed to re-open your tax return. That means insurance companies, with the government's blessing, are allowed to offload claims liability onto taxpayers, if the only recourse after the insurance deadline has passed, is to re-file tax returns. This burden is borne by federal tax, even though the responsibility is provincial.

Provinces will avoid recognizing the CCSVI procedure as their responsibility to citizens, for as long as they can, for similar reasons. The want to minimize what comes under "health care." But the real avoidance is only avoidance of thought, because I'm sure they must know they are paying more for people who can't have the procedure than they could be if they paid for it. Especially if it postpones hospitalization or death.

The condition exists, and has clear-cut physiologic effects, clearly associated with debilitating symptoms. Canadians pay for, and deserve, proper health care, including the treatment of CCSVI.
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