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Venous Insufficiency treatment- compression

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 8:27 pm
by IronTinaMS
Hello all,

I apologize if this is not the correct forum to post this topic in.

I would like feedback and I'm interested in discussion about something.


I was diagnosed with CCSVI Oct 2018 (ultrasound per Zamboni protocol).

I underwent venoplasty bilateral IJ and azygos veins in Dec 2018. I had AMAZING outcome; improvement of many symptoms.

Unfortunately I developed blood blots in both IJs (diagnosed by MRV).

Sept 2019 I had repeat venoplasty in the left IJ and azygos veins. Right IJ is sealed with a gap in between.

Left renal vein compression was found and stented at the time of repeat venoplasty.

I'm waiting further evaluation (venogram with IVUS) for left common iliac vein compression.

The discussion point:

July 2019 I began wearing compression sleeves/socks to see if there was improvement in the heaviness/fatigue in my legs.

There was improvement to the point that I don't get out of bed without putting them on.

Reflexology massage/general massage/shiatsu massage of the lower extremities has helped.

This got me thinking about sequential compression of the lower extremities (similar to patients in the hospital to prevent deep vein thrombosis).

My husband gifted me NormaTec compression system for my birthday. Sequential/pulse compression foot to thigh system.

Link if interested:

After the first session (20min) I noticed SIGNIFICANT improvement in the heaviness/fatigue in my legs.

I noticed pressure in my left groin, left upper abdomen, left side of my neck and left side of the back of my head; especially when sitting vs laying down.

I have been using this at least once a day since Christmas Even (usually 20-60min session).

The improvement has remained.

The other day I measured my left calf after 3 hours of standing/walking (not wearing my compression socks) then again in the evening after a 60min session. There was over an inch difference (decrease).

I'm interested if anyone else has tried any LE compression devices (or even NormaTec).

I'm interested in other thoughts on this.

Thanks You!



Re: Venous Insufficiency treatment- compression

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 10:19 pm
by NHE
When I was in the hospital several years ago they used the Medline sequential DVT compression sleeves. These worked great and really helped my feet. Unfortunately, they aren't available retail.

DVT Pump: ... 20MDS600SQ

DVT Sleeves: ... i-10-pr-cs

Note: The listed price for the sleeves is for a case of 10 pairs so figure $48/pair.

Most of the systems on Amazon will time out after only 15-20 minutes. The Medline pump will run all night and day if needed.

If I could buy the Medline pump and sleeves directly I would.

Re: Venous Insufficiency treatment- compression

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 10:44 pm
by NHE
How long will the Normatec pump run? I couldn't find this info on their site.

Re: Venous Insufficiency treatment- compression

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:19 pm
by Bellaizzy
Circuit juxtalite legging is a good product, made in Germany, it is on Amazon, it works so much better the the support stockings which are notoriously uncomfortable and do not work well.
The CircAde works as external and additional to calf muscles pump when one ambulates and good support when one does not ambulate