Bosentan and chemical CCSVI

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Bosentan and chemical CCSVI

Post by frodo » Fri May 08, 2020 3:48 am

Perfusion in MS is important independently from the CCSVI theory. This paper speaks about using a drug (Bosentan) for improving brain perfusion. ... tarved-ms/

There is mounting evidence that the brain blood supply is affected in MS.

Perfusion MRI studies have found that blood flow is globally impaired in the normal appearing brain of both relapsing and progressive forms of MS. Interestingly, there appears to be an association between this and cognitive (memory and intelligence) dysfunction in MS.

In animal models, chronic hypoperfusion of the brain appears to lead to energy failure in the mitochondrion (the power house of every cell) through oxygen starvation, releasing free radicals and finally resulting in axonal degeneration.

This theory is further backed up by the fact that there is a predilection for MS lesions in the anterior and occipital horns of the lateral ventricles, in the so-called watershed regions of the arterial circulation susceptible to hypoperfusion (see figure below).

Energy failure caused by mitochondrial dysfunction is therefore thought to be a major contributor in axonal degeneration in MS. N-acetylaspartate or NAA synthesized in the mitochondria, is both a marker of neuro-axonal mitochondrial function and integrity. Studies looking at NAA in normal appearing brain tissue in MS have found that NAA is more likely to be reduced in progressive MS compared to RRMS and those without MS.

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Re: Bosentan and chemical CCSVI

Post by ThisIsMA » Tue Jun 16, 2020 9:25 am

Thanks Frodo, Another good clue to MS.

A long time ago I had an MRI that said my brain had reduced oxygen. I was amazed the doctor didn't seem to want to try to fix that. Reduced oxygen makes so much sense. I feel groggy all the time. And even though I used to be very smart, I feel like I'm trying to wade through fog or cotton candy to access my thoughts. It probably is oxygen deprivation.

I hate to take drugs with horrible side affects though. The drug mentioned in that study can cause liver damage and birth defects. I feel like I have enough problems already without adding new ones, LOL!

I would like to try beet juice or beet juice concentrate which is also supposed to increase oxygen levels in the blood, which would hopefully then make it to the brain. Its so sad that to eat healthy (with lots of colorful vegetables) requires a lot of work, which I don't have the energy for.

I wish there could be a restorative retreat center where people with MS could stay for a month or two to be fed an excellent diet like the Best Bet diet or the Wahls Protocol. Maybe then we could improve our energy levels enough to be be able to go home and cook healthy for ourselves. I was thinking of this being for people who currently don't have the energy to cook well for themselves. I realize not everyone's in that situation.
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