Thesis: The endothelial angiopoietin-Tie signaling pathway

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Thesis: The endothelial angiopoietin-Tie signaling pathway

Post by frodo » Tue Jun 23, 2020 8:57 am

A new link between MS and the vascular system and angiogenesis

Overall, this thesis provides insight into the function of Tie1 and Ang2. Our studies reveal previously unknown roles of Tie1 in lymphatic vessel development, postnatal sprouting angiogenesis as well as in pathological tumor angiogenesis. We found that Tie1 is a critical component of the angiopoietin-Tie2 signaling and in inflammation its cleavage is associated with reduced agonistic function of Ang2. Furthermore, our work provides novel possibilities for therapeutic targeting of Ang2 in neuroinflammation. A deeper understanding of the functions of Tie1 and Ang2 in disease pathogenesis should aid in the development of therapies targeting the Ang-Tie signaling system.

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