Stimulating remyelination with common drugs and vitamins

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Stimulating remyelination with common drugs and vitamins

Post by SeanReynolds » Wed Apr 12, 2017 8:54 pm

I've arrested MS progression in a patient using the Wheldon protocol, however their recovery is slow and plateauing, after some early advances -- e.g. was confined to a wheelchair, could not walk, could not move arms, can now walk 20 steps, move arms, etc, along with a host of other improvements.

On doing further research, there are at least 3 fairly safe and commonly available approaches to stimulating OPC growth, which convert to oligodendrocytes, then start remyelinating at a faster pace than natural recovery.

I also have some concerns that patients with very old MS diagnoses may have neuronal death, ie no recovery is possible, and that it is imperative to start remyelination protocols asap in general to prevent neuronal death.

The drugs are:

- Thyroid T3 hormone
- Cogentin (Parkinson's drug, also stops tremors)

and Vitamin K2.

Does anyone have any experience with any of these drugs? All these treatments have backing research suggesting they stimulate OPC generation. Can anyone comment on neuronal death?

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