Addicted to prescription meds?

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Addicted to prescription meds?

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Are You “Addicted” to Your Prescription Medicine? ... n-medicine

Before you read another word, rethink the term addiction! It is loaded with emotional baggage and is a terrible description of drug dependence. It often implies character flaws or vulnerability and frequently goes hand and glove with the idea of withdrawal symptoms. I use the word reluctantly. But because it is so much a part of our lexicon I feel as if this is the only way I can alert you to the potential problem. That is why I am using quote marks throughout this article. Tens of millions of people are “addicted” to prescription meds and don’t even realize it.

What the Heck is “Discontinuation Syndrome”?

When you hear the phrase drug withdrawal, what comes to mind? Many people probably think about symptoms associated with dependence on opioids. People who stop smoking may also experience unpleasant reactions when they stop “cold turkey.” Ditto for those who suffer from alcohol use disorder.

What most people do not realize, however, is that many prescribed medications can also trigger a “discontinuation syndrome.” That’s the medical terminology doctors, drug companies and the FDA use to describe the symptoms of stopping a number of medicines that are not usually associated with a substance use disorder.

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