Avonex efficiency

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Avonex efficiency

Post by Alexandra » Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:32 am

So my one year of Avonex finished and went for MRI.
First, did the brain MRI that showed no new lessions: what a happiness.
Then, did the cervical MRI and surprise: 3 new lessions. One 8mm, one 8.5mm and 1.2cm. I am so so scared...what does this mean? Is Avonex not working properly for me?
So I asked my neuro and he put it lk this: "MS is progressive. What did you expect? You should be Happy that you have only 3 new less ions in spine. Is a good result. Keep up the good work"
But I am asking..what if these lessions were in anotehr area? what if now I couldn't walk?? so i am scared.. and i don't know what to believe...
is Avonex working for me? M I supposed to expect lessions to keep appearing even after the treament? even after shivering lk hell 1-2 days per week?

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