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Re: Effects of Atlas balance treatment on 'MS' symptoms

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:40 pm
by blossom
dr. amir, i agree with vesta that these symptoms they named ms--will be caused by different things and some will gain relief by diet etc. and, some may be multiple different causes and treatments.

but, i have no problem and WELCOME AND APPLAUD DR. AMIR for :

quote: jenor69
I recently asked Dr Amir about the possibility of other practitioners offering this treatment and he said, "I have passed my teaching rights to someone who is working very hard to prepare teaching material to other dentists (at a price) and they do not want me to broadcast how or what the treatment entails

this is wonderful that his knowledge and the way he has been helping people with his skill will be shared and not shoved under the table. whatever the money involved to me doesn't matter. there have been people make money from a diet book etc. and, his knowledge and skills i am sure did not come free. the more trained the better for all of us. and it could possibly in time be more cost effective for patients as we saw happen with ccsvi and other treatments in the past.

i would love to hear that the some of the dentists getting this teaching material are from across the pond---and that they are setting up to treat in or near pittsburgh, pa. we are loaded with people that have symptoms they named ms.

any chance with that dr. amir?------------------------------

thank you for being here.

Re: Effects of Atlas balance treatment on 'MS' symptoms

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2015 8:14 am
by zjac020 almost 3 years on, im very curious, anyone else trained in the TMJ realignment?