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Tecfidera first 17 days and counting

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:31 pm
by princesst
my MS TECFIDERA experience

Just in case anything helps anyone considering it. I'm not in excruciating pain but I'm definitely not comfortable. Lol.

I'm having greater difficulties daily...but I'm trying to cope and get through it. Not the crying pain but more burping and twisted tummy grinds than I care to talk about. Hope the blog helps people trying too decide. I definitely feel there are more people's experiences that need shared...

Re: Tecfidera first 17 days and counting

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:00 pm
by atilladahunt
I'm sorry for the problems you are having with Tecfidera.

My neuro had me take 4 weeks of the initial dose before starting on stronger dose. I have had no issues to date and can even take it on an empty stomach. Just wanted to put the word out there for people making decisions that it's not all bad.

Good luck,