Plegridy, anyone?

A board to discuss the Multiple Sclerosis modifying drug Plegridy
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Plegridy, anyone?

Post by bananana » Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:10 pm

Has anyone here tried Plegridy? It is a rather new drug on the market, was released just a few months ago. Its a pegylated version of interferon-beta, so that it lasts longer in the body and you have to take it less frequently. I'm considering switching to it from Rebif, which I've been on for almost 5 years, since I would only have to take shots once every 2 weeks rather than 3x weekly.

While it seems to be equally as effective, I've read that the side effects can be a lot worse than with traditional interferons. The dreaded flu like symptoms last twice as long, apparently, and the injection site reactions can be worse.

Just curious if anyone here has tried it and what your experience has been. I didn't see a Plegridy category on the Treatments board so I thought I'd ask here. Thanks!

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