Boyond Biotin

Biotin is an emerging therapy for the treatment of secondary progressive MS.
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Boyond Biotin

Post by ElliotB » Sun May 31, 2015 9:45 am

As you are aware, Biotin or vitamin H, is receiving a lot of attention right now. I think it is important to understand that good health probably requires a lot more than just one specific vitamin as many vitamins, minerals and supplements are important/essential for good health and have shown promise. As have EFAs (essential fatty acids). If you are not getting the proper nutrition from your diet (highly likely no matter what diet you are following), supplements are very, very important/essential for good health.

I have just been readying Judy Graham's self help guide from the late 80's (Multiple Sclerosis A Self-Help Guide to Its Management (not to be confused with her latest book Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally) and it is filled with extremely valuable nutritional information. Including references to the importance of Biotin (yes, back in the late 80's, there was knowledge about the importance of Biotin in the human diet). I have read a lot of MS books and if you are someone that considers nutrition an important part of your life and MS health, this is an excellent book to consider.

Another amazing/timely concept presented in the book, the idea of a high good fat diet, similar to what Dr. Wahls presents in her latest book. Graham details the success of the ARMS diet (a diet created by a self help group from the 80's out of the UK called Action for Research Into Multiple Sclerosis) which I had never heard about previously. Their diet is basically a high good fat diet which when followed in its entirety, offered those who followed it excellent health and excellent results against MS. The results were overwhelmingly positive.

Yet oddly like Dr. Swank's research, the research from this group does not seem to have been followed up upon. Too bad!

So it may be wise not to ignore other vitamins and supplements that can be highly beneficial in addition to Biotin.

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