Calcium level

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Calcium level

Post by Jdm2017 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:59 pm

Hi there,

I have tried to find this information out but had no luck.
I know about the low calcium diet however:

How much calcium in mg a day should I be aiming for?
Or what level should I be looking for on a calcium blood test?


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Re: Calcium level

Post by Zyklon » Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:50 pm


Please check the table at:

If you take D3, it will increase your calcium absorbation.
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Re: Calcium level

Post by Jdm2017 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:37 am

Thanks mate. So if I have a blood calcium test it should be in the normal range? I was confused as to wether it needed to be low or normal

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Re: Calcium level

Post by jimmylegs » Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:22 am

yes ensure calcium stays in the normal range and keep serum magnesium as high normal as possible. full disclosure i have issues with the coimbra protocol
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Re: Calcium level

Post by Anunymouse » Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:04 am

Calcium is driving me nuts. I was on 20k for a few months before starting the protocol, calcium tested normal on my normal diet. Cheese and ice cream whenever i felt like it.

Started the protocol, cut milk and cheese etc entirely and my calcium is high. Not l im not sure what else i can cut out of my diet.
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Re: Calcium level

Post by ElliotB » Tue Oct 16, 2018 6:44 am

How long have you been on the protocol, how much D are you takings and have you noticed any improvements?

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Re: Calcium level

Post by Anunymouse » Tue Oct 16, 2018 11:04 am

Me? 10 weeks, 85k. 1st folowup is tomorrow and expecting it to increase. On my phone now, i can do more later with a keyboard.


Diagnosed RR but I've never really had relapses. I've had a couple episodes but nothing like I've read about which makes me fear I'm actually PP or SP. However I started on Wheldon pretty much immediately after diagnosis and did it for about 2 years. Maybe that helped. I took no regular meds for the most part. My neuro prescribed tecfidera, didn't take it and then she told me not to take it as PML started popping up with it. She put me on aubagio, did that for a month and it kicked my ass so I quit. Then no drugs until about a year and a half ago. I moved to Florida (sun and vit d was a big reason). New neuro put me on ocrevus, had 3 doses of it and am due for the next I think this month. I spoke with my neuro about coimbra a while ago and it's not anything he's familiar with or does. So that's my drug history.

I've been hypothyroid for 20 years as well, my new endo decided to test me for hashimotos, which apparently I am. And as I was later told ref autoimmune "They always bring a friend" so there ya go.

A couple years ago I started doing 75k a week split in 2 doses. S/W 50k/25k. The GP I was going to for my thyroid lost his mind about it because my d levels "were off the charts" and "higher than he'd ever seen". Made me promise to stop and I did for about a year. During that year my left leg got a bit worse. A few months ago I started getting funky feelings in my leg and lower back. An occasional 'twinge' I guess you could call it. It focused in my thigh over my left knee stretching from the kneecap to 4'ish inches up the leg. It wasn't painful but really annoying. Over time it went from maybe once or twice a day to several times an hour and my left knee decided it would like to buckle once or twice a day.

I started back on 10k, then 20k a day, and went back to reading on coimbra. There are 2 dr's listed in FL that practice it. During the 20k time the twinge started reducing. It's still there but back to an every now and then instead of all the time. It's noticeable but the severity had dropped quite a bit. I spoke with Dr. Cole's office and got the list of tests he wanted, took them to my local neuro and he ordered them for me. After that
I met the the 'local' dr (it's a 3 hour drive each way) and got the meds list for coimbra. He started my D a bit higher than normal, probably because I was already on 20k and my PTH was at 28. So 85k and all the other supplements.

After a couple months at 85k my PTF is still 24. I'm supposed to talk to the Dr. today and I assume I'll be increasing.

So that's the D so far.

Improvements... that's tougher since it's more subjective. Fatigue, still there, no real change. The leg twinge as noted above. My leg doesn't seem to buckle like before. When I get tired my leg likes to drag, and I make myself run 4 or 5 nights a week. By the end its really noticeable. Hiking with the kids, same thing. But it's subjective so who knows if any of that is from D or not. Too soon really.

Objectively, this is where it's a bit odd. Since there is no way to really measure it, but I have Hashi apparently. And that I can objectively measure by way of my thyroid hormones, which I'm annoying (ask my endo) familiar with. My body doesn't react well to the main thyroid meds out there, synthroid. I've always gone hyper/hypo/hyper etc and never stabilize on it. Several years ago I got my dr to switch me to ndt and I leveled out. It wasn't perfect but it was predictable. I ended up on 2.5 pills per day and as far as the lab work, I was 'normal'. Tired, but normal.

Anyways I move to FL, new Dr won't prescribe anything other than synthroid because "that crap doesn't work". I tell him my history, that I'm going to end up swinging from 1 end to the other. He says no, it's synthroid or nothing. I figure what the hell, nothing new and after he sees what I'm talking about, he'll give me the meds I'm asking for. Eventually that results in me firing him. Or as the conversation goes "I've been dealing with thyroid problems for 35 years, you can't tell me what will work and won't work." My response, "that's great. I've been dealing specifically with MY THYROID for 20 years and I'm an expert with it." And I talk to my neuro, get a recommendation for a new endo and I start over again. Synthroid, again, tirosint (really expensive synthroid) and as I swing all over, finally back onto ndt. 2 ish years to get back onto the same med I started with, what a ride.

But a different dose, 1 pill instead of 2.5. I humor him, I come back really hypo (surprise surprise). The same day I take the blood test I up my dosage to 2. He calls says 'increase it' I tell him I did a week ago, he gets annoyed says "don't do that". I say ok. A month later I test again, same day increase to 2.5. He calls, says you're hypo, increase it. I say "I did a week ago" he gets really annoyed and says "STOP CHANGING YOUR DOSAGE BY YOURSELF." i say ok. A month later I test again, and shockingly, I'm normal. My old med, my old dose, as far as the lab is concerned I'm normal. Surprise, surprise.

I know, long story but laying groundwork here so I can swing back to vit d. After a month or so of taking 85k, I"m not feeling right. I'm losing weight as well. I'm feeling hyper (thyroid wise, I still have no energy). The test comes back, I'm hyper, like really hyper. Dr calls. He asks me to stop all supplements for 3 days and test again since supplements can skew the results. But really the only one that does is biotin, which I don't take anymore, and it makes you look REALLY hypo even though your not. But I stop everything except my thyroid meds, lab gets backed up so I'm off for a week before I can test again. I take my latest blood test and I reduce my dose to 2. Labs come back, I'm more hyper than before. Dr. Calls, says reduce your dosage. I say I did a week ago (you see where this is going :) ). So I'm sitting at 2, I still feel hyper, and will be testing again in 2 week.

Objectively, I have tests showing SOMETHING is happening. Since my thyroid problem is apparently AI caused, and IF Coimbra truly works on ALL AI diseases, then the possibility that it is slowing the attack on what very little is left of my thyroid. If I continue along and I'm able to reduce my thyroid meds for the first time in 20 years, I'll have no other explanation than Coimbra is doing something. If I am just now swinging even on the better med, I might just be on 1 side and waiting to go to the other and business as normal. If I ended up getting of thyroid meds entirely, that would be a miracle since I have not much physical thyroid left at all. But we'll see.

TLDR? Maybe :laugh:

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