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Ocrelizumab shows promise in MS

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:30 am

An investigational biologic drug that deactivates antibody-producing B cells reduced gadolinium-enhancing T1 lesions in multiple sclerosis patients, potentially offering yet another treatment approach to the disease, researchers said.

After 24 weeks of the phase II trial, lesion burden as measured by MRI was reduced by 89% in 55 patients treated with a low dose ocrelizumab relative to the 54-patient placebo group (95% CI 68% to 97%), according to Ludwig Kappos, MD, of University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, and colleagues.

Lesions were reduced by 96% in 55 patients receiving a high dose of the drug (95% CI 89% to 99%), the researchers reported online in The Lancet.... Read More - ... ageid/1397

Re: Ocrelizumab shows promise in MS

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:55 am
by Daisy3
Does anyone have any more information on this drug?
The other half has been asked if he is interested in taking part in the study.

Re: Ocrelizumab shows promise in MS

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 4:34 am
by Manu
I'll be starting in the phase III study on 7th feb 2012.

I read a lot of promissing things as being possible to hold down the attacks with 85-90%.

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