Even more voices against the autoimmune model

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Even more voices against the autoimmune model

Post by frodo » Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:35 am

Currently there is much more evidence against the autoimmune model than against any other, including the more controversial ones, like CCSVI or gut microbioma. But supporters of autoimmunity, for some unknown reason, are still allowed to speak about their superstitions as a dogma.

Well. There are more articles against them. This time the whole article is freely available at:

*Mechanisms of Disease and Strategies for Myelin and Axonal Repair

Some extracts:

*Despite several published attempts to detect and quantify antibodies directed against myelin and nonmyelin antigens in patients with MS, there is no consensus. This lack of a self-directed immune response producing antibodies argues against the hypothesis of MS as an autoimmune disease.

*When comparing MS with other autoimmune diseases like neuromyelitis optica, it is clear that MS does not meet the full definition of autoimmune disease

*Demyelination, the major pathologic hallmark of MS, is not sufficient to explain the deficits seen in these patients [...] Imaging studies in postmortem brains using MRI have shown how axonal injury is the primary event leading to clinical deficits (more than demyelination).

*MS is an immune-mediated disease that lacks the presence of a specific antigen that drives the inflammatory process. The extensive characterization of MS pathology, immunology, and serology has misled many investigators to conclude that MS is an autoimmune disease. However, there is a lack of scientific evidence supporting the role of active autoantigens and autoantibodies driving the inflammatory and demyelinating cascades seen in patients with MS.

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