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Patterns: Different symptoms. Plasmapheresis.

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:33 am
by frodo
Forgetting around 1% of MS people with a pattern IV, all the cases belong to a given pattern. Apheresis (pasmapheresis) could make the difference.

Differences in the Reponses to Apheresis Therapy of Patients With 3 Histopathologically Classified Immunopathological Patterns of Multiple Sclerosis ... irect=true

Question Are there any differences in the response to apheresis therapy for steroid refractory relapses among patients with histologically defined immunopathological patterns of multiple sclerosis?

Findings This cohort study of 69 patients defined 3 patterns of multiple sclerosis and observed functional improvement after apheresis therapy in patients with histological pattern 1 (31%) and pattern 2 (55%), but not in patients with pattern 3. Secondary outcome parameters (magnetic resonance imaging and expanded disability status scale improvement) strongly supported the primary outcome.

Meaning Response to apheresis therapy may be associated with immunopathological patterns and thus with pathological mechanisms of lesion development.