MRZ Reaction as biomarker without oligoclonal bands

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MRZ Reaction as biomarker without oligoclonal bands

Post by frodo » Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:29 am

MS without oligoclonal bands is difficult to diagnosize. The MRZ reaction can help.

The intrathecal polyspecific antiviral immune response (Mrz reaction): A potential cerebrospinal fluid marker for multiple sclerosis diagnosis


• The MRZ reaction has a very high specificity and positive predictive value for MS diagnosis
• The MRZ reaction is a useful diagnostic marker for routine laboratory OCB-negative MS patients
• The MRZ reaction seems to be part of the polyspecific intrathecal humoral immune response in MS
• The Vaccination status may impact the prevalence of the intrathecal reaction against viruses in MS and thus, the reliability of the test in clinical practice ... 2818300687

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