Oligoclonal G bands. Up to 99.5% specificity

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Oligoclonal G bands. Up to 99.5% specificity

Post by frodo » Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:05 am

Early Differential Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis Using a New Oligoclonal Band Test

https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamane ... cle/788282


Intrathecal IgG synthesis was found in 127 patients with MS (96.2%), 18 (35.3%) with central nervous system infections, and 1 with motor neuron disease. Two patterns reflected ITGS. One pattern, showing OCGBs restricted to cerebrospinal fluid, was predominantly found in MS. The other pattern, with OCGBs in serum and additional bands in cerebrospinal fluid, was mostly found in central nervous system infections. No patients with other inflammatory neurologic diseases showed ITGS. These patients frequently displayed a mirror pattern, with identical bands in serum and cerebrospinal fluid.

Considering all patients, the sensitivity for the diagnosis of MS was 96.2%, and the specificity was 92.5%. Excluding infections, which usually do not present a differential diagnosis problem with MS, the sensitivity was still 96.2%, and the specificity increased to 99.5%.

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