Up to 10% of MS cases are due to anti-Neurofascin autoantibody

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Up to 10% of MS cases are due to anti-Neurofascin autoantibody

Post by frodo » Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:18 am

Anti-Neurofascin-155 is an auto-antibody whose presence has been separated from standard MS, like it was for anti-AQP4 and anti-MOG before.

This report points to that around 10% of MS cases are in fact due to anti-Neurofascin.

The involvement of anti-neurofascin 155 antibodies in central and peripheral demyelinating diseases


[...] In addition to the peculiarities of peripheral demyelination associated with presence of NF155 antibodies, diseases of the central nervous system also show particular features when anti-NF155 antibodies are identified. Ten percent of patients fulfilling the diagnostic criteria for MS, may have antibodies against NF155[...]

[...]Anti-NF155 antibodies may form a biomarker for a particular form of demyelinating neurological disease. NF155 does not activate a complement. Therefore, at least in theory, patients with anti-NF155 antibodies might respond well to therapies using ocrelizumab and rituximab. “Anti-NF155 demyelination” may be a different disease with peculiar presentation and therapeutic management.


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