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Age of cells populations in MS

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 4:01 am
by frodo
Using Carbon14 the researchers can calculate the age of different cells (oligodendrocytes are myelin producing cells and OPC are oligodendrocyte precursor cells). They have reached some conclusions:

* About Normal appearing white matter (NAWM), which are fully myelinated regions previously thought to be unaffected by MS, oligodendrocytes were present in normal numbers, but a couple of normal clusters of mature cells were nearly absent, showing that the present cells were born after the MS damage.

* Surviving mature oligodendrocytes contribute to remyelination. In animal models instead remyelination is made by newly born Oligodendrocytes, generated from newly recruited OPCs.


* Oligodendrocytes that appear morphologically normal in individuals affected by MS are affected by disease and are in an altered state.

* The pathology of MS lesions may be the tip of the iceberg of all cellular changes ongoing in the MS brain as a whole

* Oligodendrocytes in white matter from healthy individuals are as old as neurons. In MS, there is a much larger fraction of recently generated OPCs and oligodendrocytes than in unaffected individuals

* Oligodendocytes in shadow plaques, lesions thought to exhibit incomplete myelin repair, are as old as the patient and therefore could not have been generated from newly recruited OPCs.