Plasma proteins: Closer to pathogenic types discrimination

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Plasma proteins: Closer to pathogenic types discrimination

Post by frodo » Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:36 pm

Plasma proteome in multiple sclerosis disease progression ... 2/acn3.771


Our results revealed eight novel biomarkers related to clinical and radiological progression in MS. These results indicate that changes in immune system, complement pathway and ECM remodeling proteins contribute to MS progression and may therefore be further explored for use in prognosis of MS.

And a remark from me. Interestingly, the researchers do not use NEDA or similar things. They have meassured disease evolution by 4 independent parameters:

EDSS: Disability status scale
delta T1: hypotense lesion volume
delta T2: T2 lesion volume
PBVC: percentage brain volume change

and this is the result. There are four main independent possibilities of evolution, with very little overlapping:

It is interesting to note that the biggest group has EDSS decline without any kind of measurable brain damage.

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