MS linked to lipids dysregulation

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MS linked to lipids dysregulation

Post by frodo » Mon Dec 02, 2019 11:26 am

Before reading the paper, it is interesting also this:

Specialized pro-resolving lipid mediators are differentially altered in peripheral blood of patients with multiple sclerosis and attenuate monocyte and blood-brain barrier dysfunction ... 019.219519


Chronic inflammation is a key pathological hallmark of multiple sclerosis and suggests that resolution of inflammation, orchestrated by specialized pro-resolving lipid mediators, is impaired.

Here, through targeted-metabololipidomics in peripheral blood of patients with multiple sclerosis, we revealed that each disease form was associated with distinct lipid mediator profiles that significantly correlated with disease severity.

In particular, relapsing and progressive multiple sclerosis patients were associated with high eicosanoids levels, whereas the majority of pro-resolving lipid mediators were significantly reduced or below limits of detection and correlated with disease progression.

Furthermore, we found impaired expression of several pro-resolving lipid mediators biosynthetic enzymes and receptors in blood-derived leukocytes of MS patients.

Mechanistically, differentially expressed mediators like LXA4, LXB4, RvD1 and PD1 reduced multiple sclerosis-derived monocyte activation and cytokine production and inhibited inflammation-induced blood-brain barrier dysfunction and monocyte transendothelial migration.

Altogether, these findings reveal peripheral defects in the resolution pathway in multiple sclerosis, suggesting pro-resolving lipid mediators as novel diagnostic biomarkers and potentially safe therapeutics.

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Re: MS linked to lipids dysregulation

Post by Anonymoose » Wed Dec 04, 2019 6:10 am

This caught my interest as there are a couple of proresolving mediator supplements available on the market. The assumption is they will cross BBB as their precursors do (dha/epa). I thought I’d post for other supplement junkies.

There are so many recently released studies on proresolving mediators but this one from 2008 inspired me to just say no to the supplement.

Specialized proresolving mediators enhance human B cell differentiation to antibody-secreting cells.

Maybe our abnormal levels of proresolving mediators are protective??? Another concern is the supplements don’t tell you what form of the mediators you are getting. They each have different effects, so it kind of matters. I think i’ll stick w plain ol’ EFA supplements for now.

Has anyone here tried the supplements??

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