MS transcriptome analysis

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MS transcriptome analysis

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things about which i know nothing:

Whole transcriptome analysis of multiple Sclerosis patients reveals active inflammatory profile in relapsing patients and downregulation of neurological repair pathways in secondary progressive cases ... 4820303199

... The transcriptome was generated for nine patients (6 SPMS and 3 RRMS) and 5 healthy controls. A total of 731 and 435 differentially expressed genes were identified in SPMS and RRMS, respectively. RERE, IRS2, SIPA1L1, TANC2 and PLAGL1 were upregulated in both forms, whereas PAD2 and PAD4 were upregulated in RRMS and downregulated in SPMS. Inflammatory and neuronal repair pathways were upregulated in RRMS, which was also observed in cytokine analysis. Conversely, SPMS patients presented IL-8, IL-1, Neurothrophin and Neuregulin pathways down regulated. ...
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Re: MS transcriptome analysis

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looks like they are trying to separate RRMS from SPMS
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