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A board to discuss various diet-centered approaches to treating or controlling Multiple Sclerosis, e.g., the Swank Diet
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Post by jimmylegs » Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:33 pm

hey no probs LA.

you could start all of the following without concern for conflicts:

vitamin C
omega 3 fish oil
b12 1000mcg

for b12, if you can handle 1000mcg per day that should be good. i have heard of some folks on 2000mcg run into trouble sleeping if they take it in the morning. afternoon is better for the big doses of b12

as for b complex, once you know how many b vitamins come in your multi, you can choose whether you go for a regular b complex, or a b25, or a b50.

i don't know much about protein powder but i do know klenner's protocol recommended:
"16) Make certain that the hemoglobin is at least 13 grams.
17) High protein diet with two to three eggs for breakfast."

and again, when it comes to the minerals, once you have your multimineral product chosen, then you can just hunt around for additional minerals to get the daily intakes up to:
Calcium – 1000 to 1200 mg
Magnesium – 500 to 600 mg
Zinc – 25 to 50 mg
Selenium – 200 mcg

ugh i need to go to bed yikes!
nitey nite

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Post by LR1234 » Sat Nov 07, 2009 7:45 am

Hi LA,
I just wanted to let you know what I have been doing recently which has really made a noticable inprovement.
I am eating a bowl of certified gluten free porridge every morning with Rice milk followed by 2 meals of green veg and either fish or meat (red meat I eat very lean twice a week still) No more grains just root veg to give me energy plus spinach and Kale.

I am taking B3 200mg twice a day and the third time I take 300mg
I am taking B1 300mg twice daily
Vitamin D 5000iu
Q10 200mg
1 multi (strong multi with beta carotene not Vitamin A)
2000mcg B12 sublingual
3 grams Vitamin C
All (except the Vitamin C) is by Natures plus or solgar.
I was taking fish oils and flaxseed oils as well as eating lots of fish but I think for me personally my liver found hard to deal with so ended up feeling better when not eating too much fish or oils. I just take Olive oil now with everything and my body seems to like that!! I am considering taking some extra zinc and vitamin E plus I might go back on my inositol and probiotics but at the moment the above stuff is working. I think the B3 has made a massive difference.

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To Swank or not to Swank?

Post by Carriegirrl » Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:55 pm

Does anybody have any thoughts on this? I'm thinking about starting this... my neuro is very dismissive about diet (in general), every time I bring it up he goes: "Just eat as healthy as possible"- *buries face back into laptop*- so I'm not getting any help/advice from that end...
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Post by tzootsi » Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:52 pm

Diet definitely seems to be a factor in MS. The Swank diet seems to be the simplest of the most popular diets, basically concentrating on eliminating saturated fats. The Best Bet Diet is more restricted, also eliminating gluten legumes, and dairy. The MS Recovery Diet is stricter yet, also eliminating yeast and eggs. My wife has been following the MS recovery Diet for over a year, and has been doing well - some symptoms have abated, others have not progressed. I can't think of any reason NOT to do one of these diets - they are relatively painless (however, eating out can be an ordeal), cost nothing, and may well help.
Yes, Neuros don't usually promote these diets because there has never been a full blown scientific study done, although Dr. Swank, Ashton Embry and Ann Sawyer have presented some pretty convincing evidence.
ps: all 3 of these diets have their own websites.

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Swanks vs. Jelinek

Post by Rebecca » Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:03 pm


I started off with Swank back in the 1990's, have never taken any MS drugs (not even steroids) and swear by an MS diet. I was diagnosed in 1991, am now 60 and still have an EDSS of less than 1. I can walk for miles, lift weights, etc., etc..

A couple of years ago I started reading Jelinek's stuff and make a few refinements. Did it matter? I don't really know but the changes made theoretical sense to me so I made them.

I definitely think diet makes a big difference. A recent study showed just getting enough Vitamin D to keep one's level at the high end of the normal range reduces relapses by over 40%. Also, studies show that degree of MS disability is correlated with the amount of saturated fat in the blood. All of the MS diets strictly control eating of saturated fats.


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Post by CRHInv » Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:39 pm

I say go for it. Don't worry about the neuro. There are so many people that feel better and have such great results there just isn't a reason not to. I am usually on my own mix of these diets. Through the MS recovery diet I was able to figure out some things that bother me and now I avoid them. My only problem is getting enough calories. I need to figure out how to stabilize my weight. I try to stay very low fat, but sometimes I do cheat. I think we need to do what we can for ourselves but don't go crazy.
Take good care,
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Much Appreciated

Post by Carriegirrl » Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:44 am

Thanks Everyone for the replies! It really helps me feel more positive about this. I was having a hard time comparing each diet to one another--I was a little overwhelmed. I'm sure it will get easier as I get going. It's true, diet seems like a relatively easy way to have some kind of control over the disease progression.

tzootsi- Thanks for breaking it down for me in layman's terms. Yeah, it sounds like eating out would be an ordeal. But hopefully in adhering to one of these diets, eating out at restaurants will be an hassle for me much longer than if I don't stick to one of these diets! I wish your wife the best--it sounds like she is totally committed and has the right idea!

Rebecca- Your story gives he hope! You are exactly where I hope to be when I'm 60. I'm going to check into the Vitamin D thing...I guess it's something I can request to have checked when I go for bloodwork? (which is all the time--thanks, Rebif :roll: !!!)

CRHInv- You're right. I'm not going to worry about my neuro. I guess this is something he & I disagree on. Like tzootsi said, tho...they don't promote them due to lack of formal scientific study. Geez..think outside the box, people! Anyways, I would imagine it would be hard to stabilize your weight w/o ingesting fats. I assume you're just losing and losing?? I've got a while to go before I start worrying about that (Im still a little chunky!)
dx RRMS Sept 2, 2009--Trying to kick some MS a** since Sept 3, 2009--Rebif since Sept '09, currently waiting on insurance approval for Tecfidera

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To Swank or not to Swank?

Post by kenbull » Fri Dec 18, 2009 11:04 pm

Carrie .. I have done a lot of research and follow the Roy Swank diet as modified by Prof George Jelinek .. best wishes, KB (www.kensmsrecovery.com) .. and I also agree that Rebecca's case history, on this post, is inspirational.

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One more comment

Post by Rebecca » Wed Dec 23, 2009 9:55 pm

I actually think some things are necessary in addition to diet to be as healthy as possible. I did a ton of research over the years and came up with a list of things I do--each item on the list is well grounded in scientific medical research. I did a web site and you'll find some info on there about what I think. I hope this web site helps others. It includes some stories of other people who have used to lifestyle to make some dramatic improvements too.


Please let me know what you think of the web site and of any changes you would like to see. I was tickled pink with Professor George Jelinek, M.D. started recommending my web site on his web site. I'm always looking to make it better though and would like to know what others might find helpful.

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Post by Mechanicallyinclined » Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:43 pm

Rebecca, I had a quick look at your websight and bookmarked it. I'm starting to realize that you have to manage MS yourself. No ones going to do it for you. I've remained reasonably stable with my MS, but I consider myself lucky. I'm on Avonex which I hate, but I continue cuz I've been holding steady.
Aside from CCSVI there's one other thing that makes sense to me. You are what you eat! By no way have I honestly paid attention to this in the past but I'm thinking it would be a smart thing to do. Maybe not an easy thing, but a smart one. Lot's of bad habits to break, but I think even if I can break the bad habits, I'm sure I'll see improvement. I'll admit sometimes these aren't bad habits as much as they are just plain laziness. I'm soaking in what some other people have told me on this websight and just have to look into it a bit further then commit to applying it. Sounds simple lol. Probably not, but I know it will be a smart idea and will probably see it to be easier especially when I see the results.

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Post by Dave_NC » Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:24 am

I am huge fan of the Swank MS Diet and have been on it prior to my "official" dx back in October of 2008. I have had very good success with it and adding in supplements and vitamins.

Rebecca, you have a great point in being active, exercising and doing as much as you can will help as well.

I have kept a log of everything I have done on my blog for anyone interested. My xmas update is coming soon.
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Post by Dave_NC » Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:41 am

I too am Swanking away. Have been for over a year now. I also consulted a nutritionists to aid me in my supplements and vitamins. Make sure you pay attention to your B12 and vitamin D. After all my blood test to sort out my levels I went on a serious regime.I cannot stress this enough. please have your levels tested prior to taking anything. NO 2 people are the same and we all need different things at different levels. Everything I have done since day one is on my blog if anyone wants more information on how things have gone.

Along with the Swank Diet I take the following. These are primarily to aid me with my fatigue and any cognitive issues. I included a brief explanation of what each is (not complete). It's a lot I hope you don't mind the reading.

Bio-D Mulsion Forte (Biotics Research)
Supplies vitamin D3 in an emulsified form to aid in uptake and assimilation, especially important for those with malabsorption issues.

Bioctasol Forte (Biotics Research)
Intended to increase energy. Nutritional support for oxygen utilization by muscle and nerve tissue. Supplies octacosanol (from rice) with antioxidant enzymes SOD and catalase.

Nuclezyme-Forte (Biotics Research)
Supplemental source of RNA and DNA with synergistic vitamins and mineral components.

Optimal EFA Sirt Supreme (Biotics Research)
Highly concentrated essential fatty acid blend providing an extremely effective combination of EFA, DHA and GLA, with all natural mixed tocopherols formulated to be high in y (gamma)-Tocopherol..

My B-Tabs (Biotics Research)
This uniquely formulated combination of vitamins supports many metabolic functions including energy production, enzyme synthesis, and antioxidant activity. Research shows that Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP)is a precursor or building block for ATP. AMP is converted to ATP by the enzyme ATPase. AMP is fundamental in phosphorylation reaction and constitutes a vital metabolic link in energy, transfer mechanism, muscular contractions, enzyme reactions, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Adenosine is a naturally occurring cellular metabolite. It is one of the four purine nucleotides responsible for protein synthesis. Also shown to help in areas such as obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, immune system, nervous system, fatigue, stress, sleep patterns, herpes simplex, shingles, epstein barr virus, multiple sclerosis, pain, bursitis, tendinitis, tenosynovitis, chronic thrombophlebitis, varicose vein complications.

L-Carnitine HCI (Biotics Research)
Supplemental source of L-Carnitine, an amino acid like compound. L-Carnitine plays a critical role in fat metabolism and energy production, and therefore supports healthy heart function. L-Carnitine is derived from meat sources in the diet, and is therefore often found lacking in those on vegetarian type diets.

Phosphatidylserine (Biotics Research)
Supplemental source of this important phospholipid which is a structural part of biologic membranes. Phosphatidylserine is involved in signal transduction activity, and may positively impact cognition.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (Biotics Research)
Found throughout the central nervous system (CNS), Acetyl-L-Carnitine plays a key role in CNS metabolism, offering a source of acetyl groups for the synthesis of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter, and thereby supporting healthy brain function.

Padma 28 (EcoNugenics)
Comes from a traditional Tibetian herbal formula that has been used for centuries to support lifelong health. This natural formula is based on the Tibetan doctrine of maintaining a healthy equilibrium in your body. Padma was formulated to gently restore a healthy balance to revitalize your body.

B12-2000 (Biotics Research)
Lozenge supplies high potency levels of Vitamins B12, folic acid and B6. Each is important in a wide range functions, and the status of each imapcted by a number of pharmaceutical compound
Learning and living everyday to the fullest. dx'd Oct. 2008. On the list for Liberation!
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New Book

Post by pgy » Sun Feb 21, 2010 12:03 pm

Prof Jelinek is basically the modern day updated Swank. Prof Jelinek has a new book out. It is the best coverage of MS including all the research and drugs etc I have seen.


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I agree Jelinek is the best in the world

Post by Rebecca » Thu Mar 04, 2010 11:49 pm

Thank you for posting information on Jelinek's web site on MS. His web site is definitely the best web site in the world for those with MS. In his spare time, Professor Jelinek has put together a web site that puts the MS society web sites to shame. Also, Professor Jelinek has MS himself so he is one of us and is on our side. Unlike the MS societies, Jelinek is not pushing drugs. He does, however, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each drug used to treat MS.

Professor George Jelinek, M.D., has a new book called "Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis" that is now available in Australia and New Zealand and people who have read it are raving about it. The is not, however, yet available in the USA or Europe, etc.

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Swank Diet

Post by Saskatoongal » Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:22 am

I am a newcomer to this forum, which I am finding enlightening. Over the past year I have been working with a naturopath who has MS. I have always been interested in the effects of diet on my own MS. Over the past 6 months I have been working with her and slowly adapting towards the Swank diet, which she follows and loves. So far just cutting out red meats. eggs(allergy), and eating healthier and lower fats I notice quite a difference. My energy is much better.

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