Palaeodiet reconstruction, Southern Ontario (1985)

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Palaeodiet reconstruction, Southern Ontario (1985)

Post by jimmylegs » 4 days ago

working on something else entirely, from the top results for a basic search on southern ontario

Stable isotopes in human skeletons of Southern Ontario: reconstructing Palaeodiet (1985) ... 0385900202

Most native plants of Ontario use the C3 photosynthetic mechanism and therefore have relatively low ratios; maize is a C4 plant and is relatively enriched in 13C. The proportion of maize in the diet of a human can therefore be estimated from the 13C-content of collagen of fossil bone. We have used this method to follow the increase in consumption of maize in ancient native populations over the interval from AD 400 to 1650, and to quantify the amount of maize consumed. Maize consumption rose gradually to a maximum of 50% of the diet by AD 1400. These data agree with archaeologically derived data for this region, and with previous isotope studies in the northeastern U.S.A. In some of the latter, however, the maximum percentage of maize consumed has been overestimated because maize was assumed to have a δ13C value of −12·5‰; our studies of archaeological specimens show the correct value to be closer to −9‰. The introduction of beans into the native diet about AD 1100, should have caused a decrease in the 15N content of human bone collagen because legumes are deficient in this isotope, with respect to meat and fish. However, we observe no significant change in the N ratio of human bone collagen over the period from 2300 BC to AD 1640. We conclude that meat and fish remained the main sources of protein even after the advent of agriculture into this region.
take control of your own health
pursue optimal self care at least as actively as a diagnosis
ask for referrals to preventive health care specialists eg dietitians
don't let suboptimal self care muddy any underlying diagnostic picture!

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