Multiple Sclerosis Testimonials (Coimbra Protocol)

A forum to discuss the Coimbra Protocol which uses high-dose vitamin D3 to treat multiple sclerosis.
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Re: Multiple Sclerosis Testimonials (Coimbra Protocol)

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- Danielle Testimonial

"Good evening everyone! Today I would like to talk about my experience with Vitamin D on this date which is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Day (August 30, 2018). My name is Danielle, I'm 28 years old and diagnosed at age 20 with multiple sclerosis.

I started with betaferon and had therapy failure, I went to copaxone and according to the doctor I had another therapy failure and the doctor saw the need to switch to natalizumab and consequently advised me to get pregnant as fast as I could. I was reading about this poison, ooops, medication, after my daughter was born and I saw it was bad! I was supposed to use it only for 24 months and my question to the doctor was: what do I do after 24 months?

And the answer was: Oh there are other meds, she even talked about chemo if I'm not mistaken.
I got out of there disoriented and determined that she would not do this to me! I called my family (parents, sister and husband) and explained everything and said that I knew of a vitamin D treatment and that I was going to take a chance with it. I took a chance!

I had fears, many fears that manifested in the body in the form of urticaria, skin problems, dizziness and that in the background were symptoms caused by anxiety and fear of the unknown, if I was actually doing what was right. My biggest motivation to fight has always been my daughter, she gave me more strength to fight the disease.

I started treatment on 7/18/2017, being 10 days after my birthday and this date my rebirth. Do you know why? I work with environmental control, I work in the bush, the woods, I hike, I open trails ... Today I had to do an operation in which I needed to go down a very steep hill and as we say, to go downhill all saints help, but when I had to go back up it was the vitamin D that helped! LOL

I went up, I went up and when I got back on the trail again I thought: God how good the Lord was to me for making me know this treatment!

Those who know me know how I was before the protocol, any heat left me fatigued, with double vision. I climbed the hill and I had no double vision, nor did I feel the heat! Only a lot of breathlessness because my nose is clogged due to a cold and my breathing was forced.

Guys, I'd like to thank the people I met here, Leda Al Debes who I do not even know if she remembers but she was the first person I asked about this treatment. To João Carlos P. Moscal who was very patient with me in the moments when I doubted myself. I want to tell all of you that I have succeeded, and I know that I will achieve much more. I want to tell everyone to try to talk to people who are in the group for some time because they have an understanding and a greater experience of it all. My next appointment is in September and I'll come back to tell you my test results. Oh the multiple sclerosis? I do not think I have it anymore!!!"

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Re: Multiple Sclerosis Testimonials (Coimbra Protocol)

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I would like to show my MRI "KM t1 tra se-reph" with MS from
24.4.2018 to 20.9.2018
as a proof, that "t1 with KM" MRI gets better.

At that time my body wheight was about 65 kilogramm and I was just reading/listening/hearing about the "Coimbra Protocol". I can not predigt how much i.U. I got from the sun, but I asure you, that my intake was 10.000i.U. per day and that my bloodtests were made in Braunschweig(Germany), like written under the date. My intake of MS-"medicine" was ZERO, none, because there are to many side effects.

Date----------Vit.D in ng/ml---PTH in ng/L
28.8.2018----91.2--------------14,7 (an other labolatory)

(I hope it works to insert/upload the image into this )
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