late onset (LOMS) with clean MRIs?

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late onset (LOMS) with clean MRIs?

Post by JohnC777 »

There seems to be some debate about whether all LOMS are actually late diagnosis MS.

A US specialist told me last week that "when I diagnose MS late (in 50s or 60s), when I look at imaging I see that patients must have had the disease for decades." "you can tell from the amount of lesions and the level of brain atrophy." (She seems to believe that in all cases MS has actually started in late youth/early adult years.)

I wondered if anyone had ever seen an example of LOMS presenting initially with clean MRIs?

Many thanks
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Re: late onset (LOMS) with clean MRIs?

Post by jimmylegs »

hi :) not specifically, but it definitely sounds consistent with info i've absorbed over time. for example people diagnosed only in retrospect, upon autopsy. the docs told me during my diagnostic episode that i'd likely already 'had it' for some time. i suspect that in acronym terms, LDXMS could be a reasonable alternative to LOMS... (fwiw at this stage i don't know what the professional consensus might be, but personally i don't think it's something people 'get' per se. i think it can be triggered when a conducive array of contributing genetic and environmental factors converge).
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