Cionic Wearable Neural Sleeve

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Cionic Wearable Neural Sleeve

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It has been a few years since I last posted on ThisisMS. I see some familiar names still on the site -- Hello again!
I noticed that no one has posted anything about the new technology developed by Cionic for its neural sleeve. The history of the company is fascinating, and I would encourage you to read about it.

Cionic's Mission: "At CIONIC, we're building bionic clothing that can analyze and augment human movement, enabling the body to move with more freedom and control.
In addition to being lightweight and durable, our system is driven by powerful algorithms that adapt in real-time to each individual's mobility needs.
And we have created open APIs that enable researchers and clinicians to create new solutions as easily as building an app for your phone."

I am currently in the "onboarding" phase for use of the sleeve. I am encouraged with the possibilities afforded by the technology for those with MS, cerebral palsy, stroke. Check out the website. If you have questions about my experience, please send them along. I am not affiliated with Cionic.

Sharon Richardson
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