Focus on the gut-brain axis

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Re: Focus on the gut-brain axis

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2023 Oct 15
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Unraveling the Gut-Brain Axis in Multiple Sclerosis: Exploring Dysbiosis, Oxidative Stress, and Therapeutic Insights


This comprehensive review delves into the intricate relationship between the gut microbiota and multiple sclerosis (MS), shedding light on the potential therapeutic avenues for this complex autoimmune disease. It emphasizes the multifactorial nature of MS, including genetic, environmental, and gender-related factors. Furthermore, the article highlights the emerging role of gut microbiota in MS pathophysiology, particularly in terms of gut dysbiosis, oxidative stress, and inflammasome activation within the gut-brain axis. This interplay raises intriguing questions about how the gut microbiota influences the onset and progression of MS. Environmental factors, such as diet and pollutants, add further layers of complexity to the connection between gut health and MS risk. This review also discusses promising therapeutic interventions, such as fecal microbiota transplantation, probiotics, dietary adjustments, and gut-derived metabolites that offer potential avenues for managing MS. It underscores the need for ongoing research to fully unravel the complexities of the role of the gut-brain axis in MS. Ultimately, this article provides a comprehensive exploration of the topic, offering hope for novel preventive and therapeutic strategies that could significantly improve the lives of individuals affected by this challenging autoimmune condition.
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