Important conclusion/note for every topic/forum?

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Important conclusion/note for every topic/forum?

Post by ljelome » Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:42 pm

Hi, i'm wondering if there's any place where i could see important conclusion for every post or topic related to MS? If there's none, i find myself lost here in so many informations available.

Would it be better if there's a conclusion from so many post and so many important informations each member has?

I think we all have been given a piece of puzzle that could bring us to an answer to the MS question.
What really causing MS? (maybe it's different answer for every one)
Does MS Diet really help in reducing MS symptomps? (maybe for some groups it helps, maybe for other groups it doesn't)
Why MS Diet helps improving symptomps for some pwMS? Does MS diet related to blood vessel-endothelial cell's health?
Is CCSVI is the only culprit for MS?
Why dehydration can make CCSVI examination using Doppler USG becomes positive for healthy individuals? What criteria does it meet from those five? Does it mean if we become dehydated then we have CCSVI?
Do infectious agents (virus, bacteria, etc) play a role in MS? (I had herpes infection once, but treating it with antibiotics doesn't improve my symptomps, also i have sore throats many times in my childhood up until now)

You see all of the members of this forum have different informations and experiences. Why not try to make important conclusions/notes based on their posts, so for a newbie like me, we would know the important thing about MS facts and updates.

Who should make the conclusion? maybe the first person that submit the post or any volunteer moderator?

I just hope this forum can gather all piece of puzzle that every one has to answer our question.

Thank you for your consideration.

Warm regards,
Warm regards,

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