Desatascador complete in 8 parts

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Desatascador complete in 8 parts

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Obtain two desatascador units by clicking on the following link - ... B00PIFYVB6

Read ALL the following before attempting to use -'Desatascador'
by Simon Ewart-Grist

'Desatascador' Part 1

Getting started.

You have received at least one personal fan as described. The only essential modification is to remove the nose cone and fan blades. It is only a push fit but may require gentle persuasion with a flat bladed knife. Though not essential, you can tilt the head back and put a few spots of superglue under it's chin, so to speak, and click back to the horizontal position to allow to set. You don't need the tilt position and it will be stronger in use, doing this. Do not attempt to cut the protruding axle which from now on I will refer to as the 'pin'.

'Desatascador' Part 2


In order to hear magnetite in the blood it is important to first condition the motor. The motor is a permanent magnet type, running on 3V DC. There are two things that affect the speed. First, the battery voltage and hence the electric current flowing in the rotor winding. This will only slowly change as the batteries become exhausted.
What is more effective in changing the speed, is the magnetic field surrounding the motor. Switch the Desatascador on and bring for example a fridge magnet to the outside and listen to the effect. You might be quite surprised by the result!

Lie on your bed. Place the Desatascador on your stomach so that it is central, the motor is roughly above your kidneys, the handle is pointing towards your chin and most importantly the pin to your right as you see it. This I call the 'home' position and you would do well to learn it. I assume you have fitted the batteries according to the 'legend' and the pin spins clockwise.

Now slide the Desatascador up and down about 3 inches in total. You are scanning the magnetite in the arterial blood flow and will cause the formation of a bow-wave of magnetite in front of the capillaries and speed up chelation. At the moment you probably won't hear anything, but continue this for much time. If you wish you can sleep with the Desatascador in this home position! Tuck it under pyjamas or a tee shirt. Make sure the Desatascador spins correctly. If not it will flatten the batteries very rapidly.
After about two days you will suddenly start to hear the magnetite. Congratulations the motor is conditioned!

'Desatascador' Part 3

'Degaussing' the body.

I use the word degaussing, not in the traditional sense which often refers to randomizing the direction of magnetic dipoles in ferrous metal, applied normally to ships made of steel that have become magnetized by the Earth's magnetic field, due to repetitive voyaging in the same direction. It can seriously affect navigation equipment, and is effected by sailing through a giant coil that carries an alternating current. You can read about this, if you have interest.

In this case, the magnetism is due to chains of magnetite molecules, which are ferro-magnetic and are generally a single molecule in width and twenty to thirty molecules in length. These are found in the blood 'en route' to the kidneys for chelation and elimination from the body as for humans they have no importance. They are called magnetosomes and are surrounded by bacteria.
Here we have the first problem. If the individual has narrow veins, they are not chelated well but the body stores them instead.
Because they are magnetic, they behave like the magnetic needle of a compass facing North-South. Therefore, sleeping in this direction for much time further hinders chelation, because the capillaries to the kidneys are thus in an East-West direction. Admittedly, the length of each magnetosome is still in nano meters and the width of such a capillary is 4 or 5 micrometers so the capillaries are about 1000 times wider but with the speed of arterial blood in the aorta versus laminar flow in both the aorta and the capillaries, this hindrance is expected.
The solution is too sleep in an East-West direction.

Get used to holding the Desatascador between the little finger around the motor and the thumb around the battery compartment, the other three fingers should be placed on top. This way it is simple to pick up and put down without turning over. This is important for the following reason -
There are two types of magnetosome, If you live in the northern hemisphere, and 80 percent of people do, then the vast majority of magnetosomes are North seeking. Since they behave as a bar magnet, albeit very small. Then, when we lie on our bed the South end of the magnetosome is seated on the lower side of a vein or on the myelin. The other end will be standing in the blood stream. The flow of blood above these is fast in the veins so like windswept grass they will lay down in the direction of the blood. They are difficult to remove in this instance.
But, the type of motor has permanent magnets either side. One is a North-pole and one a South-pole. Therefore, if the Desatascador is laid above, then it will either attract the free end of the magnetosome making it simple to break the attraction with the vein. If the Desatascador is laid down on the other side it will repel the free end of the magnetosome, flattening further, and making it impossible to remove.
With the pin to the right as in the 'home' position, the permanent magnet suits the vast majority of magnetosomes and should be adhered to for use of the Desatascador.
If the batteries are fitted correctly, the pin will rotate clockwise. This is good because it can now be assumed that as the magnetosomes enter the bloodstream they will be moving easily in the direction of the handle. and thus towards the heart.
If you rotate the whole Desatascador clockwise, so it is horizontal with the motor still vertically above the aorta, the pin is now facing your chin, and the handle pointing to your left, OK?, the magnetite in the aorta will be diverted to the left kidney, as you see it. This we will call position 2.

Similarly, if you rotate the Desatascador so that the handle is towards the right, and the pin is facing your feet, you will cause magnetite in the aorta to be diverted towards the right kidney, as you see it. This we will call position 3. In any of these positions 1 to 3, you will be able to hear the magnetite, if the motor is first 'conditioned'. This I call, Forced Renal Chelation, FRC.

'Desatascador' Part 4

How does it work?

The Desatascador is ideal for locating and removing magnetosomes and magnetite from the body. It works by producing an audible vibration which with interpretation helps the user to identify magnetite flowing in the bloodstream, magnetosomes in deposits, both quantity and direction where applicable, both North and South seeking forms and their elimination from the body with the urine.
It consists essentially of a simple D.C. permanent magnet soft iron pole motor. It is designed with balanced magnetic fields from each which ensure it runs smoothly and silently. If the surrounding magnetic field is such to change this equilibrium, it will still rotate but now slightly elliptically causing the bearings to produce a vibration which can easily be heard. The frequency of this vibration is directly dependant on the speed of the motor.
If the surrounding magnetic field is small, changes in the alignment of dipoles within these magnets will also be small. Although you may hear vibration, this will quickly cease once the surrounding influence is removed. In other words, if you switch off the Desatascador and put it on one side for just a few moments, the magnets will 'recover' and the vibration cease.
If, however the surrounding magnetic field is high or prolonged, then the vibration may continue even after the desatascador is switched off and then on again. This is because the magnets are permanently affected. I have given this state the name 'conditioned' and is essential to get the best from the device.

How to locate magnetite deposits.

These occur anywhere in the body and are located by holding the rotating motor against them and listening. If they are considerable, the motor will be heard to speed up. They are removed by gently stroking the motor over the affected area. If the 'Desatascador' is turned over the sound level may increase or decrease. This is an indication of whether there are more North seeking magnetosomes than South seeking type.

Removal of magnetite blockages

Always start with the 'Desatascador' on the side that produces most noise. Moving the motor around will start the process. Imagine the deposit is like a large block of ice that you put in the oven. It will start to melt from the outside but the inside remains frozen. It will take considerable time to effect.
Eventually, you will hear less and less vibration. This is not a once off operation because the bloodstream is highly dynamic. This coupled with the fact that the kidneys can only chelate some magnetite each time it passes in the aorta means that the remainder may be spread around the body causing an assortment of problems. Thankfully, these are tolerable and short lived.
You can use the Desatascador quite safely anywhere on the body including the head, spine and face but take care not to injure yourself with the protruding pin!
If you find, as I did, that on the head there is a particular region that won't clear, it is probably due to a narrow vein leading out of the brain. YOU DO NOT NEED TREATMENT FOR CCSVI in this case but simply need your ears syringed. Even if you think your hearing is adequate. You may need to tell your G.P. you think your hearing is reduced. Problem solved!

Wah-wah wee.

Test urine in a plastic bottle. With the side of the Desatascador held against the outside of the bottle, you will hear a wah-wah sound when you 'rock' both together. This will reduce in volume as magnetite is chelated, eventually becoming silent. Therefore, use as a test to measure the magnetite remaining in the body.

'Desatascador' Part 4-2

Limits of the 'Desatascador'

The use of the Desatascador in the magnetic field of the magnetite in the body causes vibration of the unit which has already been explained. This vibration which is clearly audible will eventually cause the commutator of the motor to fail but the Desatascador is cheap to replace. The author has found that you can expect the life to be more than two months.

When you first start this treatment, you will probably find that the unit produces sound after a few hours of use. When you have less magnetite in the body it will take longer but it is having a good effect even when you cannot hear it.

If testing your urine in a plastic bottle, the sound will become quieter as an additional sign.

My advice is to order four units at a time and reorder when you have one spare.

Do not attempt to make a Desatascador with greater power to speed up the process. The type described is adequate. The limit is the rate at which the kidneys will chelate. I am told that all the blood passes for the kidneys each hour, but only a small percentage of iron , which must include magnetite, is chelated. Therefore if you break up all the deposits then the blood will be overloaded and symptoms will return or you may feel worse with new problems etc.

Keep the batteries new. The Desatascador works best when the batteries are newest. At the moment batteries of this type are cheap. For example, a pack of 16 is only 1 euro. So, don't bother with rechargeables, which themselves have a limited life! Batteries last about 3 days with regular use.

As the Desatascador is not used for its original purpose, it is a good idea to make it physically stronger by placing a few spots of superglue under its chin so to speak with the motor housing tilted back, and then setting to the 90 degree position once again and allowing to set.

The word 'Desatascador' is Spanish for something that unblocks. I chose that simply because that best describes what it does, and I live in Spain – nothing more technical than that! Don't confuse it with the feminine noun 'desatascadora', which is a rubber sink plunger!

In summary, the Desatascador is extremely useful and powerful as an aid to eroding deposits of magnetosomes made of magnetite molecules.

'Desatascador' Part 5.1

For those who are following the Multiple Sclerosis Desatascador, this is probably the most important part, because it gives guidance on how to remove magnetite already transferred from deposits to the bloodstream using the Desatascador to degauss walls of veins permitting adequate circulation. The following methods have been tried by the author, and their limitations discussed.-


The recognized treatment for iron overload is phlebotomy, which is the regular extraction of blood from an arm. The recommended quantity removed is 500mL, twice a week. This is a high dose which is regarded as effective, but may require dedication for months or perhaps more than a year to complete and careful monitoring of the chemical make-up of the blood to ensure the immune system is not compromised. If used as a means to reduce magnetite from the blood, it is not the answer, for two reasons -

1. Magnetite, Fe3O4, formed into magnetosomes, is surrounded by a protective layer of bacteria that causes it to 'stick' to whatever surface it's in contact with.
2. Magnetosomes are ferromagnetic as well, and as a result are attracted to the extraction needle.

The author has tried a limited amount of phlebotomy, but because the benefits with MS were minimal, this was abandoned. The doctor recommended and tried a novel approach with both arms, so that magnetite only was removed. Blood was transferred from one arm to the other, keeping one higher than the other, to ensure a pressure gradient, but because of a lack of fluidity for the reason of 2 above and fixed magnets to hold magnetite in an intervening tube, this also failed.
The presence of magnetite was observed as very dark colouration in the blood as expected.
The situation of poor extraction due to the magnetite and a steel needle is improved considerably by holding the Desatascador above the needle and moving it side to side.


If you drink cranberry juice it helps considerably to remove magnetosomes because it contains this chemical that softens the bacteria and causes them to lose grip and circulate with the blood.. My recommendation is to drink 1 litre. every three days, as follows-

Day 1, a third of the bottle.
Day 2, two thirds of a bottle.
Day 3, water only.

This way, the bottle is only open for two days, and doesn't need refrigeration.


This should be in addition to the usual teas and coffees etc. The more water that you drink throughout the day, the faster you will chelate. So don't limit this. I have read that magnetite at the trace level is added to both tap water and bottled, but less in tap water, so this is preferable to aid chelation.

Green Tea.

This contains the chemical EGCG 175 that has the capability of crossing the blood-brain-barrier and removing iron directly to the bloodstream. If these atoms are the 'seats' for passing magnetosomes, it's a bit like playing 'musical chairs' and reducing implantation, which has got to be a good thing.


It is not known if the regular consumption of garlic helps with chelation, but the author has got into the habit of eating a single tooth of garlic each morning with breakfast. He has not suffered with colds for two years! A cold or flu can often start a flare up with MS in his experience. Garlic capsules are expensive, so eat a tooth of garlic in three or four bites with cereals to prevent burning the roof of your mouth off!.....

'Desatascador' Part 5.2

Once deposits of magnetite are removed by degaussing, using the Desatascador, then circulation and effective chelation is possible but be warned of the following scenario which the author experienced as part of his own experimental treatment.


If you drink too much Cranberry juice and then attempt rapid chelation by say moving the Desatascador rapidly and repeatedly from the top of your head to a level below the ears then you will probably start a chain reaction throughout the whole body, the total mass of magnetite moving in the bloodstream with each beat of the heart. This can be quite frightening and produces a buzzing sound which is quite audible even with the Desatascador switched off. The sound heard follows each heartbeat and probably continues for more than an hour.
This has been a very good indicator, not only for the presence of magnetite but also for the useful removal of such by Proantocyanines

Sweeping up.

With circulation unhindered, you can then use the Desatascador to drag magnetite back towards the heart, but because only a small amount is chelated by the kidneys from the lower aorta then this will take many repetitions. It's a bit like sweeping up rain water while it's still raining. To be consistent, try not to turn the Desatascador over. To be certain of this, check with the 'home' position, already described, when in doubt. To drag magnetosomes of the opposite polarity, it is necessary to fit the batteries the opposite way round to the 'legend', so that it spins anticlockwise and in the 'home' position the pin should now face to your left. Gradually the quantity of magnetite will lessen and your MS symptoms too.
The time taken for this will chiefly depend on the quantity of overload in the first place which may in turn depend on your age and how long you have had the condition.

Let the dog see the rabbit

Chelation of heavy metals, of which iron and therefore magnetite is just one, is happening all the time, automatically, but it does not enable adequate chelation when an overload is apparent. Magnetite, we read, like iron, is stored chiefly in the liver, and spleen, but by use of the Desatascador, you will find the greatest store appears to be the shoulders. Such maybe harmless but in our modern lives, some can be transferred to the brain via the bloodstream. This magnetite can cause de myelination once assembled as magnetosomes, each surrounded by bacteria, which in some way to include a propulsion system, and thus define each as North seeking or South seeking type.
We read that the kidneys will only chelate about 2mg of iron each day, but the author has found that by directing magnetite to both kidneys in an ordered fashion and drinking much water, the amount chelated is increased considerably. This, though not measured scientifically, but by listening directly to the sound produced by the Desatascador, when in contact with the outside of a plastic bottle containing a urine sample.

Only for the birds

Magnetosomes, we read, are used by migrating birds for navigation purposes. They act as a three dimensional compass that supplies their brain with three pieces of information, two for bearing from the North-South meridian for direction, and one from the angle of dip, for distance. Since they can find the same nest, year in and year out, after flying 4000km, and without Google Maps! I am quite sure this is a very precise system indeed.. We read that humans do not possess this skill at the moment, but possibly in the future, we will, who knows! At least one other disease, Alzheimer, has been linked to magnetosomes, but no mention is made of MS.

'Marmite soldiers'

When we were very young, and still enjoying such, we were blissfully unaware that we started to have 'magnetite shoulders' We read that the body stores magnetite like other excess iron, chiefly in the liver and spleen, but as Wilson, in his paper about iron overload, describes very aptly, that forms of iron oxide, of which magnetite is just one, are BIOUNAVAILABLE and awaiting chelation to remove them from the body, then we should have no doubt that they have no further function for humans.

Natural chelation.

If no action is taken, some of this excess will be chelated as it passes for the kidneys, either side of the lower aorta, but this will be hindered if the individual has narrow veins and or sleeps in a predominant North-South direction. This is because the magnetosomes are 20-30 X longer than they are wide, and naturally prefer to face in a North-South direction, as a compass needle, which is how birds that migrate find their direction. If, in addition the individual sleeps on a non-steel sprung mattress, it likely encourages bunching which is not helpful for chelation. If the overload is high and the body is still producing magnetite, this may never reduce.
So, sleep on a steel sprung mattress, and in an East-West direction.

Note that if magnetosomes of the opposite polarity are being targetted by the user, it is best to fit the batteries in the opposite way round to the legend. This will cause the motor to spin anticlockwise. The pin needs to face to the left in the 'home' position but the magnetosomes will still be directed towards the handle. When turning the whole Desatascador to position 2 or 3 the pin in each case will be in the opposite direction. This is of course is correct!

You will soon find that one side of the Desatascador makes more vibrational noise than the other. This is surely because it favours magnetosomes of the opposite polarity. Although knowing the direction North, don't assume that at any point in the treatment, these are North seeking type because we read that they can swap their polarity sometimes! The more noise, the better!

Getting quieter.

You will notice a gradual reduction in sound level as magnetite molecules are chelated. This is a good indication, but don't be confused with the reduction of volume due to the batteries wearing out. The formation of magnetosomes is probably due in part to the density of magnetite molecules, but don't quote me on that! You could also consider that the number of molecules in each magnetosome could be less.
This rings alarm bells, in that their mass would be less and hence their resonant frequency higher, just as a short pendulum has a higher natural frequency than a long one. In the brain, therefore, resonance at power line frequency might be encouraged where no previous vibrational damage was occurring. This is a reason for placing steel wire wool in the pillow during hours of sleep to virtually eliminate the tiny stray fields that could otherwise cause de-myelination

More is less

It is reasonable to assume that if the surrounding electromagnetic field is high enough, then de-myelination itself will not occur, because the magnetosomes will immediately break up into individual molecules and be 'washed away' by the bloodstream.
Consider a stack of child building bricks, or try it! Ten such blocks for example, They are held in place by gravity in this case.
A very small vibration applied to the top brick is transmitted to the surface on which they are standing, from brick to brick. If, however, the vibration is too high, then the tower will simply collapse.
Or consider a pneumatic road drill that is designed to operate with an air pressure of 7 bar. If the air pressure is increased to 70 bar, it will not drill a hole in the road ten times quicker but will simply be 'blown apart'!.
As was explained earlier, the reason that more women than men have MS is probably the effect of the stray electromagnetic field from a modern day handheld hair-drier operated around the shoulders because it encourages magnetite into the brain. By the same thinking, this MS is likely to be the relapsing remitting variety because magnetosomes are destroyed when the hair-drier is close to the head.


This does NOT cause de myelination because the frequency of the electromagnetic field is very high indeed and therefore cannot cause vibration of whole magnetite molecules. Instead it causes the electrons within molecules to alter their spin. Light reflected from these is recorded by the machine to establish the molecular presence.
Again consider a pendulum. It will not start to swing by itself if the exciting frequency is too high. It needs to be close to the natural frequency. The mathematics of such are rather fierce, so no attempt to repeat them here. The greatest effect on this vibration is what is called 'damping', z, and in the case of the blood, is due to it's fluidity.

Horses for courses.

Here is a list of what the author believes are the effects of some electromagnetic sources at 50 or 60Hz around us in our everyday lives.-

1. Background 'smog' < 3milligauss. Can cause de myelination during sleep, stationary.
2. Wiring errors '' '' ''
3. sleeping on a waterbed < 7miligauss '' ''
4. Use of household appliances. Can NOT cause de myelination but can transfer magnetite to the brain due to blocked veins if too near to shoulders.
5. Desatascador. < 50miligauss at around 30 Hz with new batteries. Can NOT cause de myelination with normal use as described, because the electromagnetic field is moving all the time.

NOTE More women than men have de myelination because using a hand held electric hair drier close to the shoulders causes 'melting' of large deposits of magnetite. Some therefore enters the brain but cannot escape, because the veins from the shoulders, which are supposed to draw iron out like a Venturi nozzle, then cannot perform adequately, and therefore, magnetosomes are formed, more than most men. Vibration of a tiny amount produces the lesions we see on an MRI scan and a diagnosis of MS follows.

Desatascador part 6

Practical degaussing and chelation

In this section the author describes in detail, how to use the Desatascador and what improvements the user can expect.
The first thing to note is you are about to embark on treatment on yourself using an unproven and unpublished protocol and as such, the author cannot accept responsibility for any adverse effects experienced by the user. There will be, without doubt, unwanted effects, and the section following in part 7 is dedicated to the author's experience in this respect.

The Desatascador, though it is only powered by two AA batteries and therefore appears quite harmless, is very powerful presented to magnetosomes which themselves are nanoparticles. A million magnetite molecules side by side would occupy 1mm!

Think as to magnetite deposits in the brain like the ice-cap. Holding the Desatascador in contact with the scalp will slowly 'melt' these, the rate depending on the time it is held in contact, the distance from the Desatascador, and the size of the deposit. Since the latter two are probably out of our control, a degree of experimentation is necessary and modification to the first addressed as treatment progresses. If too much is returned to the bloodstream at once, the kidneys will not be able to chelate this and the 'sea level' rise, so to speak. This may cause many new symptoms to appear but thankfully this is temporary and not due to fresh de myelination.
Put steel wire wool in your pillow during sleep only. It will slowly attract magnetite to the wider veins AND it will protect against further de myelination whilst it is doing so. Remove it when you wake, because it will hinder circulation and chelation. Try this as a regular protocol before using the Desatascador anywhere on your head.

Once all of a deposit is removed, then healing of the site is possible by taking a Vitamin B complex containing B6 and B11. This can be bought from a pharmacy without prescription. Here in Spain it is called 'Hydroxyl'. Follow the instructions for dosage etc. Take at breakfast time. I suggest that you take one tablet a day for say five days and then leave it for several weeks

It is important to 'master' the art of chelation first, since this will be the principle route out of the body for magnetite. You can allow the body to chelate on its own, naturally, for which you do nothing, or you can do as I do and recline for sleep in an East-West direction. This is ONLY because magnetosomes are ferromagnetic and orientate themselves, therefore, in a North-South direction like compass needles.
If you look at a 'map' of the blood flow around the kidneys, you will see two renal arteries that branch from the descending aorta. They carry only about 25 percent of the aortic flow and therefore are the first line of defence to prevent kidney overload which may cause these organs to shut down temporarily or in serious overload conditions, fail completely. The author has found that by using the Desatascador, it is possible to increase the uptake of magnetite by the renal arteries without serious effects to the kidneys.
This is achieved by holding the motor of the Desatascador at a point approximately above the kidneys, with the handle FACING your chin, and the pin to the RIGHT. Check also it is then turning CLOCKWISE. If not, the batteries are the wrong way round! I call this the 'home' position.
The rotating magnetic field is like a large spoked wheel, that for nanoparticles is probably effective even 20 cm from the centre of rotation, so will certainly reach the aorta.
If you don't believe this, try lifting the Desatascador from your body whilst it is operating. The vibrational sound will only slowly change. Any sound which doesn't change at all is due to the continual exposure to the magnetite, which will gradually effect the permanent magnets of the motor. For a time, this may stop when the Desatascador is switched off and left to one side for even as little as 20 seconds. During this time the magnets may 'heal' themselves but eventually the motor will be noisy as soon as it is switched 'on' away from the body.
This is an indication that the permanent magnets are starting to 'wear out' and eventually the Desatascador will fail, but there are many hours of effective use before then.

The success rate of this treatment almost certainly depends on your age and how long you have had MS because magnetite is usually produced in the body as a form of defence to protect young cells which are vulnerable to excess iron. Normally this magnetite is chelated but if you have narrow veins this is hampered and so deposits are produced. As has already been stated, the biggest deposit is in your shoulders, found by moving the Desatascador around all the body and listening for the raucas vibration.

In order to avoid complication, do the following. Lay the Desatascador along the collar bone, with the handle to the right and the pin facing your feet on your left shoulder. Slowly slide it to the right,turning the handle towards your feet just before the rising aorta. Repeat many times and listen to the sound made.
You will drag magnetite towards the 'Superior Verna Cava'. This will flow back towards the heart. Immediately, transfer the Desatascador to either position 2 or 3 on the lower aorta to encourage magnetite into the left or right kidney, your choice. Use this position for chelation at least until you next 'pass water'. The thinking here, is that if the Desatascador is swapped to the other side, it will probably pull some or all the magnetite back into the aorta from the first side.
Move the Desatascador up and down the aorta about 3 inches, rapidly . The author doesn't know whether more magnetite is chelated this way or not. It may be just psychological, but do it anyway. If you think of this part of the aorta like a colander used to filter water from cooking frozen peas and the magnetite as uncooked rice grains, then if you throw a handful of rice into the colander, sure some will fall through the holes, if you shake the colander, more will fall through!
With the Desatascador back on your left shoulder, try twisting the body of the Desatascador, so that the pin is vertical away from you. The rotating magnetic field will now also turn in the horizontal plane.
Note that in this position it would still be attractive to magnetite, and now there is very little difference between North seeking and South seeking magnetosomes. The main difference is there is no direction component to move the magnetite in the direction of blood flow. In stead, the rotating field will be like a vortex to lift magnetite on the spot, and push it out by a centrifugal force, the blood flow alone causing it to move along the veins.
This is particularly useful, as the magnetite is chelated reducing the density of molecules that would otherwise rapidly produce new magnetosomes You can drag the magnetite by following the route of the veins to the heart and continuing to the descending aorta in the same hand movement. Remember that the blood flow is very quick!

Dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

So, that's a very pedestrian operation for removal of deposits, and from experience you would do well to follow this to the letter. Use anywhere on the body but particularly on articulations like the hips, knees, ankles etc. Because chelation is only effective for a part of the aortic flow, it will be necessary to repeat this many times.

Now you're in for a treat!

If you drag the magnetite you have degaussed, as quickly as possible to say, position 3, as previously defined, rapidly as your hand will permit, and listen to the sound produced, you will hear the lessening of the vibration as the level of magnetite reduces. Continue this, if you can, until there is no noise.

Silence is Golden!

When there is no sound, you have completely eliminated magnetite from this part of your body. Now, because the blood flow is in a series of loops, both in the upper and lower circuits, it will be necessary to treat each with this action but because the magnetite is reduced with each, it should become easier. In other words, treating the left leg will probably have already started to reduce the magnetite in the right leg and so on.
If you find that part of the veinal system is still noisy, it is because you have not degaussed sufficiently. Hold the Desatascador for several minutes on this section or articulation, then try again.

No gain without pain.

Because you are moving magnetite from one part of the body to another, you can expect 'nerve pain'. This is, in my case, muscle spasms or cramp or both! at the same time! Bear it, if you can. It is only a phase in the healing process.

Keep it up.

Continue with this action as necessary. The author has found that not only, a steel sprung mattress facing East-West is the right choice for circulation and chelation, but reclining on your back for treatment works best. Circulation is further improved if the feet are raised, by putting a suitcase, or similar underneath the mattress at the feet end. This will also help you to reach each foot in turn by lifting the heel over the opposite knee, without the help of another!
If 'doing' a straight leg raise, fills you with fear, then from lying on your back with both legs straight, try lifting them both in turn. It may be impossible. But now degauss and chelate both thighs in turn and it will start to become easier.

Hip hip hooray!

Now continue across both hip joints, and suddenly it will become so light. Drag magnetite away from your hips with rapid strokes up each of your sides and immediately transfer to the kidneys as you have been doing.

Degaussing the head.

The brain is slightly different, in that blood vessels are in close proximity to the axons, both surrounded by myelin. The myelin is a very thin layer made up of 'lipids', and easily damaged by the electromagnetic vibration of magnetosomes that stand on its surface, aligned by the lines of the Earth's magnetic field. This, the author believes, is the reason for de myelination, but at this point in time is still contrary to popular ideas.
The head is degaussed by moving the Desatascador from the highest point on the scalp in a series of lines, right through the level of the neck to the heart, and listening. The vibration heard will gradually reduce.
If reclined on your bed, you should remove steel wire wool from the pillow or it will hinder this.
Take care not to injure yourself with the 'pin' of the Desatascador when close to your eyes.
If a particular area is always noisy, as it was for the author, it may be that veins draining these areas are constricted at the side of the neck due to the aural canals, which themselves are partially blocked.
It is worth seeing your doctor and having your ears syringed, even if your hearing is adequate! This is the only medical intervention recommended.
It is common to have a lesion or lesions on the spinal cord. For this, you can wedge the Desatascador between your head and pillow,but limit the time to say 5 minutes. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP WITH THE DESATASCADOR IN THIS POSITION.
If you have Tinnitus, ringing in the ear, this is due to magnetite in the blood passing the extremely sensitive nerve Hold the rotating Desatascador to the ear for just a few seconds. Any magnetite will be instantly removed and silence resumed. This may only last for a short time because the blood flowing still contains magnetite, but the sound will gradually get quieter as more magnetite is chelated.
If you have problems with your vision, these behave similarly, in that they can be almost eliminated in a few seconds. The difficulty here is to know where to position the Desatascador for maximum effect. If truth be known, it probably needs treatment both around eye muscles and the spinal cord, but you can only discover that by experimentation, on yourself.

Try this out

Having removed permanent blockages around your body by degaussing, you will without doubt have increased the magnetite in the bloodstream. This has been likened to making the sea level rise by melting the ice cap. How much, this represents, depends on the number of deposits and the volume of such, and will vary a great deal from one sufferer to the next.
If you have suffered from MS for many years, you will exacerbate symptoms until this magnetite is removed completely by chelation. Phlebotomy is an option, but huge levels of extraction are necessary as has already been noted.
The alternative is to use the Desatascador for FRC, in an ordered fashion, that enables you to monitor your progress . The following is an example used by the author, but you can design your own if preferred.

Lie on a steel sprung mattress facing East-West with your feet slightly raised. Watch a television at the feet end if possible. Remove any steel wire wool that you may have put in your pillow for the hours of sleep. Place the Desatascador in position. 1 with the motor above your kidneys. Now twist the handle through 90 degrees so that the pin is facing the ceiling. The sound will probably increase much because you have produced a vortex, that will spin apart both North seeking and South seeking magnetosomes into their component magnetite molecules.
It is now largely unimportant the direction of the handle, so rotate the Desatascador to suit whether you are right or left handed. Still move it up and down the aorta to increase these molecules, finding the capillaries leading to the kidneys. Those that don't immediately, may produce the bow wave and be chelated moments later, but some will continue in the aortic flow at high speed, and appear in the lower limbs. This may present as a 'pricking' sensation at various locations of the legs and feet, but is nothing to worry about.
Maintain in this position for about 10 seconds. Then immediately to your left thigh. Rapidly, move it up and down between hip and knee and side to side to cover as much veinal area as possible, for about 10 seconds and then to the right thigh before returning to the aorta.. Do exactly the same with the shoulders but this time having moved the Desatascador around follow the direction of the veins back to the aorta. Repeat this as many times as you are able. If possible, drink about one third of a litre of Cranberry juice prior to the treatment session. If not, water.

If after this treatment, you sit in the upright position, perhaps on the side of the bed to eat a meal or use your computer, then after a while attempting to recline again may cause you to experience a large amount of leg pain, particularly in the groin region, this because unchelated magnetite is unable to circulate adequately. In this case first you will have to recline as before, but this time, with your legs bent so that your knees are facing the ceiling. Now you can use the Desatascador in the same way but on your hip joints and repeatedly drag magnetite up both your sides,before moving up and down the aorta many times and you will hear it lessen, gradually.


The reason I suggested a television at the end of your bed, is that you can see the improvements without standing, something which may be difficult, without help. Nystagmus in it's many forms,
is reduced. You will note that you can start to read smaller text because diplopia is less. If you shake your head up and down and side to side, oscilopsia is reduced. You don't need to close one eye to be able to see properly. Bit by bit you are winning!
Your balance, both on standing and sitting will improve. You will experience less nerve pain, and numbness. You will feel 'better' in yourself.
These results will take a considerable time to be effected. The main reason for this is that the kidneys can only chelate a small mass of magnetite. We read that this is no more than 2mg. each day, but this is only in part magnetite because it must include all forms of iron including red haemoglobin that has reached the end of it's life.
If the overload of magnetite has been accrued over many years, then it will be considerable, both in deposits and in the bloodstream, and therefore need considerable time to remove.
You could expect this to be a process lasting months. If like myself, you have had MS for more than 30 years, then this is not unacceptable.
The author has experimented with the use of the Desatascador, over the last 3 years, but has only arrived at the detailed protocol explained in this document in the last 6 months.
In the final section 8, the author projects to further work recommended to those in research .

And finally......

If you have adequately degaussed all the body, then drinking Cranberry juice so that the remaining bacteria is removed, then the magnetite 'wheel' will start to rotate with the blood flow and permit continuous chelation, HOPEFULLY!
For this, simply place the Desatascador in pos.1, or the 'home' position as previously defined, for hours at a time. This seems to work!

In the following section, the author will list the other effects he has personally experienced by using the Desatascador, and in the final section 8, some ideas for future work that might inspire research, worldwide.

Desatascador, part7

In this penultimate section, some side effects are discussed by the author. These are those experienced by the author, but it should NOT be assumed that all MS sufferers following this self treatment will experience the same. It depends on the quantity of magnetite you have in the body and where this is located. Ask questions if in doubt, using TIMS. Somebody else may have had or be experiencing the same or similar.

The list is as the author remembers, because in all cases, these symptoms are temporary, and have existed for no more than a few days or weeks, then disappeared, since he began experimenting three years ago.

1. Moderate pain in ankles.
2. Pains various in lower legs, with weakness in knees
3. Sore tongue at night only
4. Affected voice and mild speech problems.
5. Mild and periodic random toothache
6. Increased flatulence
7. Coughing and choking
8. Moderate. Constipation and urinary retention.
9. Pains in fingers and mild arm pain
10. Mild internal pains
11. Nerve pains including spasms and cramp, particularly in legs.
12. Mild headaches

With his current degaussing and chelation he is at times experiencing the following

1. Moderate pain where magnetite is sited. Mostly at the top of legs in the groin area, but this is easily alleviated by training the desiccator over these areas.
2. Some numbness of fingers at night. This always disappears by the morning.
3. Occasional muscle cramps in the lower legs. This effect is minimised if the Desatascador is trained on the lower spine for a short time, less than a minute!
4. Some difficulty with starting to urinate. This is alleviated by training the Desatascador around the bladder region, beforehand.

As magnetite is reduced so are all these effects.

Desatascador part 8

Where do we go from here?

The use of the Desatascador in the way described has begun to generate interest amongst other sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis. In order for a research body to further this, it is important to compile a large number of positive testimonials. That could be you, but in order to achieve such will need you to try it for yourself. I'm aware that you face the risk that for you, it might not work.
I can only appeal to you to try this based on the information given with the reasoning as explained.
There is no written guarantee, as I'm sure you understand.

It is working for me after 34 years of the condition with much progression that has caused me to be almost bedridden for the last two years. I am still housebound but now my symptoms of diplopia, oscilopsia and lack of balance are reducing each day. I am looking forward to a much brighter future thanks to this self treatment, which I invite you to try.

If you are inspired, but have doubts or questions, don't be shy in using TIMS to myself, gristy56. Ask as much as you want. Don't think it's for others to ask, and do nothing. If you have questions, there are sure to be others with the same or similar worries. I will try to answer all points raised.

Other conditions

It may well be that an overload of magnetite is responsible for a number of other health problems, which at the moment remain unsolved. It would be biased to name some here, as I have no experience of these, but you or someone known to you may have. Therefore, I invite you or they to try this method for yourself or themselves. I simply request that you inform me of results and indicate your course of action as it unfolds. That way, we reduce the chance for errors or bad press that could result from misinterpretation.

Without prejudice, may I thank you for reading the eight parts of this post and to TIMS for their publication. Thank you too for all the questions and testimonials, good and bad that I have received, so far and I look forward to many more. Wishing you a speedy healing!


'Don't grouse, degauss. If you can't chill out, chelate!'

Simon Ewart-Grist.

July 2018

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